Overhauled Half-Life 1 with modifications/additions suggested by the community.

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Welcome to Overhaul


Welcome to Overhaul.


Half-Life: Overhaul is a Half-Life modification where our goal is to do the same things Gordon Freeman has done, but with better equipement.

We basically add/modify to the original Half-Life experience to make it smoother, while still keeping the good old feel.

90% of things included in the game were suggestions from people taking part in the project. You can also suggest and give us ideas right now! We're just starting this project.

Release Date

We do not have an estimate release date for the moment since, we're trying to make the game off suggestions & ideas. However we plan on releasing the first beta of the mod somewhere near October 2017.

Alpha v0.1 Changes

  • New Features
    • Added Sprint Ability
      • Players can now press SHIFT (Changeable on the keyboard options) to sprint and move at a faster speed.
      • Limited Stamina that recharges when you stop sprinting.
      • Can only Sprint with the HEV Suit on.
  • Modifications
    • Egon Gun
      • When firing the Egon Gun, you'll walk at the 15% of your max speed (really slow)
    • Pushables
      • Pressing E on a pushable no longer makes the player go at really high speeds.
      • Pushables no longer go at really high speeds when a player presses E on them.
    • Player Movement
      • Player now moves at 75% speed.
      • Fixed a bug when the player uncrouched fast, causing a small leap to ocurr.
    • GUI & HUD
      • Changed most of the GUI's colors to Light Blue variants.
      • HUD is now Light Blue/Blue.
      • Added menu music (Half-Life (PS2) - Menu Theme).
    • Miscellaneous
      • Using Sven Co-Op weapon models.
      • Using Sven Co-Op NPC models (some of them).

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Half Life Overhaul - Alpha v0.1

Half Life Overhaul - Alpha v0.1

Demo 4 comments

This is the first version of the mod. More to come! This is for testing purposes and feedback. Be sure to test it and check it out, report any bugs ASAP...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 12)

A bug report? Here I show you mine: Fatal Error

Could not load library c:/program files/valve/half-life/hloverhaul/cl_dlls/client.dll

What solution can you give me? The version of my half-life "No-Steam" is v1.1.1.1? Because I want to play the mod and this happens to me :( and that I saw all the video to see what it is or I installed it badly to the mod? because I had no instructions either

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Try using Xash3D, or stop using pirate clients. Most of the Half-Life pirated versions are outdated and don't function with newer mods.

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And how do I use it with Xash3D? Or which version you recommend me to download for half-life. Which is not anything steam because it asks for $. Thing I would NOT like to have problems with

PS: I have half-life on CD but the WON version. No-Steam downloads it in 2010

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Xash3D is an alternate engine client, in other words, executable (hl.exe), in further words, a new engine. Imagine that it's what ZDoom is to Half-Life. It's a modified version of Goldsrc.

Xash3D also has very good performance boosts overall, and that's speaking from someone with a **** computer. It also improves the graphics drastically. Overall, it's much faster and cleaner to use than default Goldsrc. Again, it's like comparing ZDoom with vanilla Doom.

Latest Xash3D version can be downloaded here :

Install Half-Life WON from your CD, create a new empty folder for Xash3D (where you'll want to actually play the game from) and move the "valve" folder from the installed CD game to this new folder and play the game from that folder. After that, forget the folder you installed with the CD; you won't need it unless you really want to play the WON version (which, again, isn't compatible with a ton of mods nowadays). Installing and playing mods is the same as vanilla Half-Life, just put the mod folders into the Xash3D folder (which is where you'll play the game from), open the game up and select "Custom Game".

Xash3D is compatible with most Half-Life mods except with some multiplayer mods such as Counter-Strike, which doesn't run via Xash3D at all due to infrastructure differences to the engine. Otherwise, 90% of singleplayer mods like (for example) Half-Life Overhaul, Brutal Half-Life and all of the Half-Life expansions (Blue Shift, Opposing Force) should work perfectly. Again, only *some* mods are an exception, mostly because they tamper around with various Goldsrc gimmicks.

Good luck! And be sure to ping back here if it works (or not, in which case you'll be ******, jk maybe not).

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Of course let's say it's a "GZDoom" as you well said. That I put weapons mods eg the weapons of saturn or brutal doom or another mod... and speaking the brutal doom.. since about a week and a half I downloaded the Xash3D that came with the half-life of ( Playstation 2) and I put the brutal half-life mod because that mod. I did not work on any of the two versions of half-life "No-Steam and WON" that works but crashed very but very often. But with xash3d it seems to work pretty well. But I'm going to end it in the 3 difficulties to check that brutal half-life works 100% with Xash3D. And another thing is that in that mod I did not run because I lacked the original half-life MAPS and I had to decompress them with the half-life model viewer and the sounds. is rare. Late a lot but I could do it and some things too but for the overhaul. Because the brutal half-life mod attracted me a lot of attention in 2015 and I could not enjoy it at that time and for that.. ahh and so to put mods is easy because its process is similar to that of GZDoom Zandronum or Skulltag And among other ports etc. all with the same procedure. But I never knew this Xash3D until I saw a half-life image of the ps2 but for the pc (emulated with Xash3D of course) and I'm also waiting for the mod to come out this "Hard-Life" I guess you know it. If you do not know, look for it and there you will see some comments of mine also asking. For fear that the mod will not work with the WON and No-Steam versions. For that they invented the Xash3D no? And the hard-life mod also caught my attention although as I saw it in the trailer I consider it a doom mod called "Map Of Chaos" and there is also another half-life mod that is called "Rainfall" which is also like A "Map Of Chaos" because another user told me and here I leave the link of the half-life of the ps2 that with that Xash3D use for the brutal half-life and possibly also with the hard-life in case it does not work In the 2 versions that I said in order here goes the link: Moddb.com Same friend, thank you very much for helping me. And if my pc from time to time sucks. But many half-life mods that work (old of course) but very good And also I will follow very well the steps you have told me. For when I download the most current version of Xash3D from the link that you passed me. Without words my friend thank you very much sincerely :) and also I wonder if there would be a kind of port also like this. But for half-life 2 because I have seen some mod that I liked and like those of the half-life 2 you ask for steam and thing that I do not encourage to do for problems of $ as I said in my previous comment Ahh I almost forgot to leave a "Good Karma" or a thumb up to your comment because I'm going to help a lot And the overhaul mod works for me as we are here

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Honestly seems like another one of those Half-Life to CoD mods. Not that i have seen any others, because i have not, this mod clearly shows signs of this.
The sprinting makes the player a virtual sanic. It can be used to break out of maps because of its extreme speed, and i dont think it fits Half-Life that well anyway. It also requires this to be used, because the moving speed is just more irritable now.

Not all of the changes are bad however. I quite like the egon gun slowdown but its rather extreme, something like 65% full speed would be more fitting. Pushable props are also seem quite nice.

You should take that mod into a different direction, fix most of the half-life's bugs, minorly overhaul some levels, make the viewmodels a tad more sexy. The current viewmodels are just so hd it doesnt fit the game anymore.

That's just my opinion though.

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Yeah. Because adding sprint SUUUUURE makes Half-Life entirely like Call of Duty. Forget the perks, aim down sights, annoying community, stupid retarded paid DLC packs everywhere, lack of enemy variety and catastrophic gameplay design; sprint turns anything into Call of Duty! Logic!

I agree the models look a bit too HD though. I think the maps and other character models need to be overhauled too. Then again, there is a mod in the working that overhauls the maps themselves, forgot the name of the mod though. I think that if the developer of that mod combined with the one here, I think it would be the ideal "overhaul" since the entire game could be remade from scratch to match the HD models and have more modern/slightly more realistic gameplay mechanics and more features overall.

Mods that simply fix Half-Life bugs are already overdone at this point. There's Half-Life Update, Half-Life Map Fixes, people who do skin packs that fix model bugs (like the scientists buggy jaws, etc)... There's so many "bug fix" mods, it's out of control. Not to mention that it's the easiest kind. I think the direction this is going is better because at least there's new stuff in here.

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Wanna created new maps or textures?Or only fix game bugs,problems and next?

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This looks more like an addon than a mod. I've played Half-Life, countless times. I'm not going to play it again because of some slight tweaks.

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Siento que no sera algo inovador...

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Today the first version of Overhaul might see the light of the public! Stay tuned!

Jun 21 2017

We're not dead! One of our latest additions to the mod was two suggestions by "someone" ;)

Jun 13 2017

We've just released our showcase of the first Alpha! Go check it out! Youtu.be

Jun 6 2017

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