Hyper is a Half-Life mod reimagining the earliest stages of the sequel's development.

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Welcome to the mod page! Here I talk about the mod and what it's about.

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Welcome to the mod page! Here I'll give some insight into what this mod is.

What is this mod?

The mod is about the earliest stages of HL2's development. Specifically, the 'hyper era' in 1999. This era started in the arctic, and had things like the Weather Control and Kraken Base.

Hyper's a mod I've been working on since early 2017. I was working with other people, but we had a falling out and now i'm doing it solo. Progress has been slow, and i've thrown out most content from before about a year ago. I feel like I have enough content ready to make a mod page now, though.

Why Goldsource/Xash?

At this point in the development, the game was a whole lot more like Half-Life 1- specifically in artstyle and engine. I went with Xash, the closest thing to a sourceport of Half-Life, in order to achieve a mix of Goldsource and Source's features, which is basically what Source was at that time.

seafaring 1seafaring_02seafaring03Hyper04Hyper05kraken01

While you're here, check out the discord!


See everyone in the next update.


Looks really good! 😺

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oh boy, im tracking this!

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I'm glad you finally did it if you want

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You are using Xash3D, does this mean you are using XashXT as well?

BTW: it's good to add a noticeable name of the mod in the headline, because the article is also added on the main Half-Life's page, not only on your mod's profile. And you can add Xash3D as the related engine in the mod's profile (and in the article's profile too).

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Gmadador Author

I'm just using Xash3D, but I'm planning on porting over certain features from XT like the flashlight.
I'll take this into account, thank you!

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XashXT allows many interesting & useful things. There is a powerful parent system (to attach entities to each other), dynamic lighting & projectors (you can create working TVs and such), you can use models as a part of environment with exact physical shape (like displacements in Source, for example), real-time day/night changing system, mirrors, portals, many other features (though some of them are mostly experimental, like PhysX support). Also latest version of XashXT has faster rendering system for models, sprites. People just don't know what is XashXT, how much potential it can give in modding. Unfortunately, documentation is outdated and there are no good tutorials, but you can check XashXT's demo maps to see some things which is possible to do. Also Unkle Mike is planning to release a version of XashXT with the updated documentation this year.

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