Half-Life: Haphazard is a randomizer mod which offers an absurd experience. Due to a recent influx of randomizer mods, Haphazard has been created to simulate a similar experience, but also offers some unique gameplay changing elements. The following elements have been randomized: NPC Sentences NPC Sequences Titles Various sounds (Ambience, Doors, Platforms) Weapon models (Randomized every loading screen) Enemy animation speeds Barney firing speeds Random enemy spawns Pre-existing enemy replacements Additional empowered enemy variants Beam/Lazer colors and properties

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Half-Life: Haphazard 1.0

Half-Life: Haphazard 1.0

Full Version 6 comments

The first, initial, release of Half-Life: Haphazard.

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meat_man - - 3 comments

the boxes are made of meat

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DrEliVance - - 5 comments

Why does that sound like a sfm horror video?

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Vaelastrasz - - 93 comments


Haphazrd is more "Random" than Randomizer mod.
because Randomizer mod is just.. NPC, Weapon, Sounds randoms.
but Haphazrd case everything gonna randomize.

How cool :>

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BladePocok - - 17 comments

Are there scenarios when you can soft-lock your progress due to the randomized nature of spawns? If so, what then? Just use an earlier save file?

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MrLazy - - 9 comments

Do you plan on making simillar mod but for Opposing Force and Blue Shift? I managed to find some code repositories if you would be interested:

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Legal.Alcohol - - 179 comments

I mixed this with crack life. And I regret nothing..... That's a lie I regret everything

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SpazJR61 - - 400 comments

Idk why this mod is not even got that so much attention as other randomizer mods

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Drayde - - 37 comments

spawned gonarch and super zombine in the first section of the game and i have no gun...

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funnyperson - - 104 comments

thats the point of a randomiser mod

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,594 comments

This is cool stuff. I give this my two thumbs up, the legend continues.

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