After the Black Mesa incident... Save your own skin from the military and creatures warping in from Xen.

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This mod is very fun! It has nice mapping and it is very fast paced! I highly recomend it.




HosseAKM says

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It was a good mod. It had a interesting story actually, also it was the first mod I played that had male scientist in his lab coat as principal character. What is more, I liked the references to Half-Life: Decay.
Overall, it was an excellent mod (ignore what I said at first) and deserves my 10 points!

After having beaten HLE years ago, I was astounded to learn there was a sequal.

Both mods capture the essence of Black Mesa perfectly and offer plenty of thrills throughout each campaign and great level design, with the second spicing up the combat with higher-def models and custom features that bring the firefights to life.

The ending was a bit of a downer, but unexpected and of epic proportions (On Gold Source, anyway)

So if your crazy for more Black Mesa content then hold on, because the Escape series will give you a ride you won't soon forget :D

Not so bad, but not so good.


This could have been better. The intro was a long-winded series of screenshots from Blue Shift. So, naturally, I supposed I was Calhoun in some alternate ending. At the end, however, I was apparently someone I'd never heard of once throughout the whole mod. Not just that, but aside from the goal of escaping Black Mesa, there's literally no other plot element. I suppose it doesn't matter if you're just in it for the challenge of new maps. No armor was ever given, and you're forced to pass on not one, but two HEV suits. Very basic weapons loadout. Not even a crowbar, but you still have to break boxes and vent covers. Vortigaunts, zombies, bullet-sponge black ops (with new skins, as a positive note) and even auto-turrets basically fly up your backside throughout the whole thing. And just as it's about to pay off in an actual escape, as the name of the mod implies, it doesn't happen. Everything just blows up, the end. I wish I had better things to say. If you like a challenge with limited weapons, no armor and lots of enemies, you'll probably love this. Unfortunately, I didn't.

this is an excellent 2-part mod, but a bit too much teleport spawning right in front of your face and back. However, there are some Amazing levels in this mod, especially in this episode utilizing some Great lighting mechanics and flashlight charge, and some really excellent fights between factions that result in an Amazing final run. This is lower rating because there is just not enough health around and you literally can pass through a hazard suit and just... not wear it? Was it too small? who knows, but the game seems like it was designed for this as there was Barely any energy anyway. Also, there just wasn't enough innovation with weapon variety. I mean almost the entire time through Both with just the Basic Guns? This gets Old Fast, and why not any armor like on the barneys? this all doesn't make sense. However, even with Escape 1 being more of a 6/10, Escape 2 makes the whole 2-part episode a really nice and solid 6-hour experience on Hard and is overall very well done with some nice remodelling for the grunts and black ops.
Definitely worth a full-playthrough even though being slightly repetitive and short even including Escape 1.

It was a really fun mod. It really captured the elements that the first Half-Life games were all about. I liked how in the end, when you were waiting for the portal to work, a robot came in and started shooting. This was one of the few mods I have played that have a real ending boss, and one of the VERY few I have played where the bosses made me feel intimidated. I was trying to hide from it most of the time. The voice acting is hard to understand, but that is one of the few things that are wrong with this mod.


not bad))

Yeah, fun old school mod.

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This mod is very fun! It has nice mapping and it is very fast paced! I highly recomend it.

Feb 21 2011 by Schinchan56798