Gorden Freeman After 7 Years of resarch you have a new assiment but NOT! a dangerors Assment its a safe one all you have to do is make it to Dr.Alfreds Lab and get some moon rocks then you have to stop the evil Adminstor.DukeStarBlaster.

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looks extremely amatuer,made by a 5 year old apparrently

Best MOD ever 10/10


Reemiel says

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This mod is fake fake fake fake.
all you do is just walk. walk. walk. walk. walk and walk.
that's ********.


Boonie says

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This is totally incredible

is a virus

Its not a great mod & its like a piece of junk falling off a large cliff

tää on sit niin siisti

to the one who posted this, don't let your son use your computer, he may be creating false hl2 mods.


MAXGEAR// says

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