Vector Prime is a Star Wars-themed modification to Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage. Its timeframe encompasses an era from the end of the old republic to the might of the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. Playable "races" or factions are the Rebellion (later New Republic), the Galactic Empire, and another faction - pirates, civilians, bounty hunters and other indpenedent groups that have always had good influence on intergalactic politics. The modification also incorporates a random map generator, built into the game's launcher for easier functionality, unseen before in the Haegemonia series. From an extended galactic environment to the tactical mastery of the Jedi of the New Republic, you will find Vector Prime to be much more than just a simple graphics modification. Admiral, consider re-thinking your strategies before the next operation.

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Major Update 4 is now released. Installation instructions are the same as for MU3: First, you need a copy of The Solon Heritage, then install Vector Prime v1.0, and lastly install Major Update 4.

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Haegemonia: Vector Prime - Major Update 4

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present you the next installment of the Vector Prime Major Updates. This one is most likely the last Major Update, unless there is massive response from the community. This doesn't mean that minor updates, or add-ons won't be available; in fact, even you, dear reader, may create your own maps, or even AI scripts - you are all free to add them to the "addons" section of the mod.

We have done a lot of work refining and fine-tuning the features of Major Update 3, while still adding new features. Unfortunately, this does not mean that Vector Prime has reached a state of 100% perfection - with two to three people working on the project, this is virtually impossible. Nevertheless, all the time spent into this project was well placed. We are releasing Major Update 4 with great pride, for I believe, we have achieved our ultimate goal.

What ultimate goal, you may ask? Well, we need a bit of VP-history to understand this. Far too many years ago, the first version of Vector Prime was released under the title "Star Wars mod for Haegemonia TSH" - a modification of surprising quality considering the limited knowledge people had of the way Haegemonia worked at the time. Then came "Vector Prime V 0.9" which added a great many new features and models to this exciting project. We were all watching and waiting for the final version, which - didn't come. Or at least not yet. Instead, we have received the development "version 0.95", which was totally aimed at locating and nullifying the bugs that hindered v0.9 gameplay. This, however, didn't reach fruition and so "Vector Prime V 1.0" had lots of features removed and truncated, with the hope of stabilising gameplay.

Some time has passed, yet not much has happened. This was when I first started re-adding the models and features of v0.9x, as an optional add-on package: Major Update 1. This was a crude add-on with some of the bugs even reintroduced to the game; Major Update 2 has addressed most of these, while re-adding some other "lost" features. After MU2, we have officially taken over the project. Our ultimate goal was now well defined:
- To turn Vector Prime into what it could have been and to push it to a status of a real v1.0 release. -
Major Update 3 was performing well. We were adding new features, working hard on discovering the bits and chunks of Haegemonia's inner workings, trying to figure out what we could possibly achieve. We have even had a bit of outside help, and so we were proud to present a fix for the menacing Sound System Error and Invalid CD-key problem.

But enough of this. You are here to see what we are brave enough to consider calling a real v1.0 after so much time. You have come to see the K-Wing and the Missile Boat, the Yuuzhan Vong invasions which have been re-coded from the ground up, and to build the flagship of your fleet, the SSD Executor. Major Update 4 offers this - and even more - all awaiting exploration. You can get a good idea of what has changed by checking our forums; I have edited the MU4 featurelist. Nevertheless, there are probably a few things I have forgotten.
Now, some sad stuff: even though we have spent a lot of our time developing every script file to perfection, double checking that everything works without crashes, we have still experienced some rare, occassional crashes. This is probably due to the way the Sound System Error is suppressed, or something similar, but it is not related to the features of MU4 in any way. On the positive side, however, these crashes are so rare, normally you shouldn't be bothered about them anyway.

Have fun playing, and remember to check out our Video Contest where you can show off your skills as a producer yourself. If we have managed to earn you a couple of hours of fun, all those months of work was totally worth it. Make sure to drop a comment if you feel so - we are here, watching.

I believe that this is the end of the line. The modification will be released on Desura if you, players confirm it to be stable. Remember to use our forums here on ModDB to your heart's extent, and please arrange matches to play. Any add-on you upload, either a map, an AI file, or anything similar is always welcome, and will be reviewed.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing!

dirtbag007 Creator

I do have to give a lot of credit to BBalazs for his hard work :) I did some minor jobs like working on the demo screen, while BBalazs did all the work of adding models and more. I'm happy we achieved this point :)

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