Vector Prime is a Star Wars-themed modification to Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage. Its timeframe encompasses an era from the end of the old republic to the might of the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. Playable "races" or factions are the Rebellion (later New Republic), the Galactic Empire, and another faction - pirates, civilians, bounty hunters and other indpenedent groups that have always had good influence on intergalactic politics. The modification also incorporates a random map generator, built into the game's launcher for easier functionality, unseen before in the Haegemonia series. From an extended galactic environment to the tactical mastery of the Jedi of the New Republic, you will find Vector Prime to be much more than just a simple graphics modification. Admiral, consider re-thinking your strategies before the next operation.

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Thanks to positive feedback from the Haegemonia community in general, I've taken the liberty to improve the level planner by adding some error checking that should help with the most common errors. Fatal bugs that I know of have also been corrected.

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Have you ever picked up on a really old project of yours? An extremely old one. If yes, you probably know what it feels like to be reacquainted with old lines of code, recognizing but not fully understanding how things work. Well, that is exactly what has happened to me.

During the past few months I have received some e-mails asking me to have a look at some maps that won't work. I have tried my best to answer everyone's requests as soon as possible - it feels terribly sad to see such good maps not working simply because there are some horrible typos in my own piece of level editing application.

Not any more.

Even though time is an extremely valuable resource to me these days, I've felt that it is about time I fixed those naughty bugs in this application and supply the community with a working piece of software. Both Haegemonia and its community deserve no less. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you now have a modern tool at your disposal, no. I've only had time to patch up all those tiny errors that I know of and develop error checking for some of the most common mistakes out there.
Here is the thin list of the new features that I could add:

o Zoom ratio is now displayed in the bottom left corner
o Resize button: resize the whole system by a given ratio. Use decimal points and numbers only!
o Defaulting on the Make/Modify Screen. Now you can't make an object bad simply because you forgot about filling in a detail. The Level Planner won't allow empty fields any more. Unfortunately this feature can also be a little disturbing because it will fill every edit box, even the unnecessary ones.
o TSH Check option on the Make/Modify Screen. Object types can be checked for validity. Only TSH objects are included.
o System Light now comes from the first sun of the system.
o Mouse Cross for better positioning

I still advise everyone to be cautious about everything. I haven't had time to thoroughly test the app, but things seem to be working. This is where I'd like to pinpoint that there was one compromise I had to make - if you can give an object a name, now you must. You can't use the old "0" naming convention for default TSH names from the editor any more. The upside of this compromise is that we can evade some potential crashing errors this way.

I encourage everyone to go ahead, test, play and most of all, have fun. And should you create a new map, please feel free to add it to our AddOns section so that everyone can download and enjoy!


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