GRIM AGE is a project, which has been in development for 3 years. Right now we're close to release of the first version of a mod. Our project is separated for two parts - single player (Ostland Campaign) and multiplayer sub-mod (Skirmish). We're gonna release Skirmish first, that is why all information you may find here is about it. SP part of our project will get it's own MODDB page when it's time is right.

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Jul 6 2013 Anchor

1. Q - Any relase date?
1. A - TBD. I cant guarantee any release date because it's unpaid hobby in free time.

2. Q - Mod singleplayer or multiplayer?
2. A - There are TWO planned mods:
[GA - Skirmish] is multiplayer only mod. It will be relased first.
[GA - Ostland Campaign] is singleplayer mod. This mod will be released after Skirmish

3. Q - I hope you change that vanilla M&B environment to something more fitting.
3. A - Our mod is TOTAL CONVERSION. So all vanilla environment will be changed soon.

4. Q - Are you going to add the decapitation?
4. A - At this moment - no. In future - mostly yes.

5. Q - Are you going to later on add Tzeentch and Slaanesh?
5. A - If project will be successfull and will grow - we add them. At thismoment they are not included.

6. Q - Will chaos get any daemons?
6. A - Like in previous answer.

7. Q - I may have missed it but, I dont see dark elves... and I like dark elves '_' lol
7. A - Adding any new faction possible only with long and very skilled 3d help or only as commercial activity. If you want to do new race by your hands and you have great skills to do it - you're welcome.

8. Q - Are there any plans to maybe add other factions like say the tomb kings or anything like that in to the mod after the main parts are complete?
8. A - Only as a commercial activity OR only made by other volunteer, truly skilled with 3d and ready to put months and years to this UNPAID JOB.
Commercial way is impossible because of Games Workshop.
Way with help impossible too, because during my 3.5 years in modding there was NOT one intelligent person for this role.
It would be foolish to believe that in the future that will radically altered.

9. Q - Do you planning to add dual welding to mod?
9. A - No! No no no. No God! No please! Noooo!

Ask here everything about mod and I will gradually answering and adding answers to editable FAQ.

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