- description

Greedfall the sleeper hit of 2019. There is a certain
irony at play since spider (the developer) has been
chipping away at the rpg genre for quite some years,
bound by flame, mars war logs, etc, and then when a
title finally hits gold... the dev team is bought up...
well greedfall...

Anyway lets put a little poison on the blade and see
what we get in terms of visuals.

If you do not like specific tweaks please see 'further tweaking'
for disabling specific shader tweaks.

update 06/10/2020
- alterd reshade tonemap preserves contrast a bit better
and added a slight touch of blue. (see new screenshots)
- reduced sharpening a bit results in less prominent filmgrain
- no 3dmigoto tweaks were alterd

please see comparisons at:


3dmigoto shader tweaks:
- remove bloom and dof characters in conversation
- reduce bloom windows interior during daytime
- reduce close proximity haze
- try to fix alpha in fog banks affects hair characters B
- de-blur ambient occlusion

ui / hud 3dmigoto shader tweak:
- reduce visibility ui elements map related

The reshade shader, is customized, a tone map reduces
the rather excessive darkness plus reduces the yellow tint
and a 'poor mans form of tessellation' gives the assets
(environment, etc) a bit of relief and more definition.

The reshade package has customized shaders it is not advisable to mix and match.

- install

Copy the contents of the zip file to the install folder of
greedfall, the folder which contains greedfall.exe.

The following instructions are only needed
if you do not like using unverified dll's you can:

download 3dmigoto from:
download version 1.3.16 and place the following dlls in the install dir of
d3d11.dll (64bits)
then copy `d3dx.ini, ShaderCache and ShaderFixes from the zip file to the same dir aka folder.

download reshade from
install *only* dxgi.dll (64bits) to the install dir aka folder of greedfall.
Then copy the reshade folder plus ReShade.ini and dxgi.ini
from the package to the install dir of greedfall.

- verify

After running the game the folder ShaderFixes should contain the .bin versions:




This means that the file(s) .txt have been compiled by 3dmigoto (d3d11.dll)

For reshade:
Press 'F1' in game to toggle reshade shaders on or off
or press 'shift F2' and use reshades gui to toggle
shaders of. Toggling originalbeforesplit and splitscreen_tech
on gives a vertical splitscreen (right side shaders on left
side shaders of).

- tested

Tested with file version 1.0 of greedfall
on win 7 / nvidia 1050gtx ti
See screenshot for settings game.

- performance

reshade / 3dmigoto gpu usage 1080p@ ~40.8fps
without - clock 1759Mhz gpu usage ~97%
with - clock 1772Mhz gpu usage ~99%
approximately 6% increase (1050gtx ti on win 7)
max gpu: 1772Mhz gpu usage 100%
**clamped frame rate to 40.8 no sync

There is quite an issue with the streaming in / out
of textures which can cause extreme delta's in the
framerate, regardless of resolution or other video

- further tweaking

If you like you can compare the modified shader, ShaderCache contains
the original shader, to alter values.

To disable specific tweaks open the shader from
the folder 'shaderfixes' with a text editor example:

Has a remark on the top line:
// reduce visibility ui elements map related

So if you do not want that to happen
remove the shader from the folder 'shaderfixes'


and if compiled remove:


then restart the game.

All shaders <shadernumber>ps_replace.txt have
a similar descriptive remark.

- tips

Other useful mods:
Better Menu Inputs


Camera mods:
Closer Camera with Wider Elevation

New Camera

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greedfall carepackage v11

greedfall carepackage v11

Effects GFX

Numerous shadertweaks see description reshade tonemap, relief texture enhancing, color balancing.

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