Gravity mod for Starcraft Brood war. 10th version, at least you can play by 4th race in any game - just select terrans, and lift command center during 1st second of game. Also 4th race got 1 more unit, and and protoss carrier got new ability - plasma blast. FAST DOWNLOAD
Mod also contain many new upgrades for all races, 2 more zerg units, fixes bugs of original game (ghost sight and heroes, defiler consume), and makes protoss ranged weapon and aircraft speed upgrades 3-level-upgadable; On terran side microcontrol becomed simpler: SCV repairs damaged units/buildings automaticaly, marines, firebats ang ghosts enters bunker on rally point.
To install mod, just extract Gravity.7z into game folder. To launch mod, launch Gravity.exe and in it's window select Starcraft.exe or Staredit.exe; If you will launch map editor, mod can return error - It's normal, just ignore it.
It's possable to play in Gravity mod trough internet, using Add iccup.reg (included in mod's archive) in your regestry, and try to play with your friends (only in private games, players with no mod won't able to join your game).
Here is change log (not full):


1) Removed robotics support bay, observatory and dark archon, Robotics facility renamed to Maintenance Bay,
and don't builds units, only makes upgrades for them;
2) All land units pushcased by gate, all air units - by stargate;
3) protoss aircraft speed upgrade, and singularity charge upgrade are 3-level, Gravic engines affect
all protoss aircrafts, and Singulaity Charge affects Dragoon, Arbiter, and Photon Cannon;
4) Scout bulids for 40 seconds (was 50), and need 2 food slots (was 3), it's Anti-matter missiles
ignores armor, and has small splash radius;
5) After upgrading land and air weapons, damage of photon canon grows too (air and land);
6) Mind control now costs 200 energy, and used by corsair, destruction web costs 100 energy;
7) Arbiter doo same damage as dragon, and can use feedback spell;
8) High Templear can fight, and use malestorm spell;
9) Stargate now costs 200 ore and gas, and Citadel of Adun - 300 and 100;
10) Carrier can contain 9 interceptors (base 5, hero 10), has +50 HP, and new ability - plasma blast
(half damage/cost of yamato cannon), also it need 9 food slots (was 6);
11) Artanis now spellcaster, capable to use psi-storm and distruption web;
12) Shield battery has energy upgrade;
13) New upgrade for reaver - Scarab flight;

1) To research speed up for zerling attacks, enough 2th level of hatchery (was 3th);
2) Ultralisk costs 175 minerals (was 200) and grows from zerling (not larva), It's armor (+2) upgrade affects
zerling too. Heroes of this units don't affected, but got +2 armor;
3) All ultralisk's upgrades transfered to spawning pool, Ultralisk Carven removed;
4) New unit - Infested Marine - same as terran marine, but more HP, and regenerates;
5) Impossable to abort zerg morhing. If larva or zerling made a cocoon, impossable to return resources;
6) Hunter-killer can be hired, as hydralisk upgrade;
7) Defilerunit can fight, also has special upgrade;
8) Defilerunit now hydralisk's upgrade, as lurker and hunter-killer;
9) Every zerg, blinded by medic, recover sight in 45 seconds;
10) Consume not allways kills target, and recover energy equal target's health;
11) Queen costs 125 ore and gas and may herself use broodling when she attacked by ground organic unit;
12) Infested Terran costs and do damage twice times less;
13) Broodling costs 125 energy, parasite costs 50 energy and when parasite targets Lair, in it appears 1 more larva;

1) Removed Armory. All of it funtions transfered to Enginering Bay;
2) Changed costs of Enginering Bay, and Addons of starport and Factory;
3) Ghost heroes can use nuke;
4) SCV Repairs damaged units automaticaly;
5) New upgrades for terran aircrafts - speed for Wraith, and cooldown for battalecruiser;
6) Vuliture carry 5 spider-mines (was 3);
7) Marines, Firebats and Ghosts can enter bunker on rally point's end;
8) SCV can repair bunker from inside;
9) Ghosts can attack during attack move, if cloaked, and it's sight dont changed by bunker;
10) New energy upgrade for comsat station;
11) New upgrade for firebat (+1 armor);
12) Irradiate and Restoration now can be used on buildings;
13) New ability for ghost - sniper shoot, do 100 damage to organic units;

1) In game added race #4, for now it VERY buggy, has only 4 buildings and 6 units; no AI;
2) Xell'Naga survivor - armed by enchanced terran weapons;
3) ZP-Hybride: can generate psi-storm for free;
4) Duelist - high ranged air fighter-detector, do very weak damage, but almost immortal;
5) Cauldrone - Transport with air attack;
6) Mining drone - new worker for 4th race;
7) The thing (XN-Bioweapon) - weak warior for close combat, but spawns copy of himself on every kill;
8) Independent Command Center: main building, uncontrolable, produces units automaticaly (Bioweapon if 250+ ore, worker if less);
9) Xel-Naga Altar - builds Hibrids and Survivors, produces unit automaticaly;
10) Independent starport: produces claudrones and duelists;
11) Phase turret - same as protoss cannon, but stronger;
12) Venom Tank - same as siege tank, but cant shoot while moving.
13) To play 4th race in skirmish, select terran, and lift your command ceneter during 1st second of game;

1) Bioguard - Xell'Naga lost ship. Air and ground damage - 50 and 40, can cloak, detector, can use plauge, consume, and EMP;
2) Goalwayer - Another Xell'Naga lost ship. 260 damage, coakabale, not detector but can scan;
3) SorrowAgain - Lost Ship, can recall units, detector.
4) In map editor opened hiden AI scripts, allows to enable shared vision for human/cpu players;
5) Short compain with demonstrations of changes;
6) Temprory, to fix bug with unit names, ALL in-game text's will be in english even on non-english versions of starcraft;
7) New portraits;

1) Long campain with many missions;
2) More NEW upgrades and abilities;
3) More new units and buildings .

1) Protoss pylon are unselectable. This is hack, to avoid game crash in version 0.3;
2) Zerg AI don't builds ultralisks and new units;

Mod by:
Model convertation:
Initilal assistance:
Major advices:
Raygoza, Tykos

Resources by:
lus (nadvisor portrait);
KYSXD (mining drone, and cauldrone models convertor);
Jasen (hybrid/bioweapon portrait);
deathsythe7 (4th race's aircraft model);
GreatDragon (hybrid and the thing models);
Zolden (cauldrone original model);
rikky333, kinkycactus (mining drone original model);

Software Used:

FireGraft (Primary editor);
IceCC (To create new spellcaster);
DatEdit (Secondary editor);
MPQMaster (Opening archeves);
MPQCompactor (Packing changed data);
SCAIEdit31 (To create allied cpu player in single player game);
TblPad (names for new units);
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (Most interesting features);
StarEdit (map editor);
GPTP 2.4 (Source codes for C++);
RetroGRP (wireframes, optimization);

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Triggers, which we can set in map editor allows us to move, "teleport" units from one location to another. However just shifting unit's position results a bug. Unit stucks and becomes unselectable. Using teleport order does nothing exept unit stucks. Possable there are way to hack game memory to call function which moves units from location to location, but I wonder how to do it. May be there are connection between unit's position, and other unit's data. If so, should be way to understand what this data is.

Of course, I can do different other things in my mod, for example: resource trading, new spell, sniper shoot and plasma blast for AI, fix minor bugs for carrier and reaver, but... unpleasant, that I stuck on almost simple thing.

Also good idea - find way to implement BWL plugin in firegraft. I mean forcehamachi plugin. It should be used in gravity mod, due not all players can easily play trough iccup.

More Info

More Info


I very lazy man. I wanted to create a campain, with background events of Brood War, and later events (mostly local clashes). Also I did mercenaries almost...

Worst mistakes of mine

Worst mistakes of mine


During moding I did a few huge mistakes, and decided to list them here:

AI-related bug fixed

AI-related bug fixed


Was bug, which pervented campain AI scripts to work. Now it fixed. You can play brood war campains trough gravity mod.

Sick, but reupload

Sick, but reupload

News 4 comments

Sorry, but my health failed. I sick, and fear that I can die soon, so only small update, and reuploding last file.

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Gravity mod v1.2 + Source

Gravity mod v1.2 + Source


Now player has better control of unit production for 4th race. Rally points works for all buildings. Also added mercs - can be hired for all races.

Gravity Mod v1.1

Gravity Mod v1.1

Full Version

I decided to close project. That is stage on which it was after last changes. Added XN-Forge, more upgrades, few improoved AI, partial control over units...

Gravity Mod v1.0

Gravity Mod v1.0

Full Version 1 comment

It's finaly done. Now you can play 4th race in EVERY game (not only UMS). Just select terrans and lift off during 1st second of a game. Thanks to Raygoza...

Gravity mod v0.9

Gravity mod v0.9

Full Version 2 comments

Possable last verison I've done, but few things still undone.

Gravity Mod v 0.8

Gravity Mod v 0.8

Full Version

Mod does many changes in a game, adds 4th race (only in mode UMS, and on map "(4)Catrun Alley.scx"), many new upgrades for all races, 2 more zerg units...

Gravity mod v0.7

Gravity mod v0.7

Full Version

Gravity mod for Starcraft Brood war. 7th version. Finaly 4th race are available. It uses protoss 2 buildings - pylon and assimilator, and Independent...

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Hi i downloaded this mod. Where would i put it so it would work, once i had unziped it? Inside the starcraft folder? thanks

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Evenmore Creator

In fact - anywhere, just launch Gravitymod.exe, and select Starcraft.exe (or Staredit.exe, too see features in map editor).
But yes, usaly it been extracted in folder of Starcraft.

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uhh i have an issue... its when i lift it at the first second it exploded... and i archive failiure..WELL did you fixed it

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Evenmore Creator

What is your SCBW version? 1.15.1 or 1.16.1?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Evenmore Creator

I never saw such bug. On what map it was?

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Evenmore Creator

Ты забыл подписаться, и поставить +10=)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Поддержу русский проект!:)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Evenmore Creator

Всегда приятно видеть земляков! Подписывайся, на обновления и не забудь оценить расу №4)

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