GraviNULL is a multiplayer first person Zero Gravity mod for Source.

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First gameplay video on new map: gn_twirl

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A map by GuessMyName, he has a few more changes to it in mind, mostly involving replacing certain stuff with his own models, goodie!

The very sharp-eyed people can possibly notice that the usual "kickstart" when grappling something is gone, instead the grapple now uses a "stretch" system, if the grapple is gonna get stretched further, your grappling speed will increase.

This renders the kickstart mostly useless, this is also better in laggy situations, cause the kickstart would feel more laggy than normal in flight.

The system still needs a bit of tweaking, but it's mostly done. It helps give you more control and feels more realistic, giving the grapple more "slingshot" like abilities, while previously all it did was propel you towards the target at the same pull strength always, which felt nasty when you flew past a mine, only to sloooowly drag yourself back.