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  • It is a well-developed army, but not at the level of the American army, strong in terms of attack and defense, characterized by artillery and tanks, stronger than others, strong but expensive, armor of the forces is weak, the treatment property they have is very useful and the speed of obtaining money is a beautiful thing, their aircraft are effective but their types are few, the problem is The armor of his forces is weak, but its attack is strong, the developments that you get from the upgrade box are most useful but need the right time to use it, their electricity is not a weakness, but it affects the player, and it is a weak army in terms of detecting hidden enemies, and it is characterized by its use of nuclear materials in general. .

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  • It is an army that is very advanced, developed, and strong in terms of attack and shielding its forces, and a little slow in terms of speed in removing the forces, but the developments it gets from the field of developments are very strong and effective, and it is excellent at detecting areas and hidden enemies. Building and removing the forces requires a lot of money and also electricity, so your need for it increases with the expansion of the building, and it is characterized by its use of lasers in general. .

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  • It is the least developed army among the armies. Every movement you make, such as attack, defense, occupation depends on deception, maneuver and war plans, and the most important things that must be taken care of is (speed). This army is the fastest in terms of construction and removal of forces and the speed of movement is great for them, and their forces are very cheap. And also they do not need electricity, these are all the advantages of this army, but their big weakness is time, as this army has weak armored forces and depends on the number. The more time, the weaker the army and the more powerful the other armies, so the player must be an expert in this army to overcome the very strong armies. By using germs and disguises in general. .

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Generals IV


IV 1

  • In this game there are three modes of play:

Campaigns mode: in which you follow the march of the army that you choose from (USA, China, GLA) after choosing the difficulty level and help them through your leadership of the army to become you the general and reach them to their ultimate goal.
Skirmish mode: in which you create the game, as this mode allows you to choose your army, the number of enemies that are controlled by computer artificial intelligence, the level of difficulty of the enemies, the types of enemy armies, the composition of your team and the team of enemies, and the choice of colors for the armies and also the map in which you will play and the locations of the armies on the map (above The number of armies allowed is 8.)
Challenge mode: in which you choose the type of your army and the level of difficulty of the game, and the computer starts to give you a series of armies one after the other to challenge them and reach the higher level, and here, as usual, the building starts from the beginning, but the enemies in this game have a wide integrated base, here the difficulty lies, as the computer gives you a certain time In order to attack you and it alone gives you the way to build, in the end, after passing 7 armies, a very strong army appears to you that you cannot choose to play with to challenge you.
You can also play with other people through the network of computers or via the Internet.

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