"Chicks dig giant robots." -Megas XLR, theme tune. Eh, this is more or less a collection of random modifications I'm doing to Generals in my spare time. The release will come quite soon, though yeah, the main attraction really comes from the giant robots cobbled up from different models and held together with chain tool. Other than that, there will some minor changes to the factions, so eh. ~precision_bomber

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This article will explain some stuff about this mod.

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Hey guys, precision_bomber here from the beautiful and balanced mod of "Death Label."

Comes a mod out of pure non-seriousness. So this is basically me cobbling pieces of existing General and ZH models together and making monstrosities because I'm quite lazy and I just wanted to see how things combine in weird ways.

But anywho, there's going to be 1 giant robot for each faction(and subfaction) rounding it to twelve.

I don't have a working copy where they're all buildable in normal skirmish yet, that'll take a short bit really. I've also taken some liberties in doing some possible "minor" changes to the vanilla stuff so that the mod doesn't get too stale after awhile.

So here are the generals:

Crusader General(replaces Vanilla USA)
-Vehicles under the Crusader and Paladin Chassis

Drone General(replaces Airforce)
-Vehicles under drone chassis
-Additional rando aircrafts, no confirmations yet
-Flying Infantry Units???

Laser General
-All weapons are lasers(or energy-based)

Humvee General(replaces Superweapons)
-Nearly all vehicles are garrisonable
-EMP-based weapons

Battlemaster General(replaces Vanilla China)
-Vehicles under the Battlemaster and Overlord Chassis
-Kinda is the new Tank General.

Gatling General(replaces Infantry)
-Vehicles are armed with Gatling Guns of different flavors
-Cheapest giant robot, Goliath, due to it's "modularity."

Nuke General
-Everything goes boom, nuclear radiation lol

Dragon General(replaces Tank)
-Units armed with flame-based weaponry.
-Burn, burn everything to the ground!

Scorpion General(replaces Vanilla GLA)
-Units under the Scorpion and Marauder Chassis
-busiest vehicle upgrade system.

Demolition General
-Everything also goes boom. Even regular bullets. Even stuff that isn't supposed to go boom.

Buggy General(replaces Stealth)
-Units under the Buggy Chassis(oooh wacky SCUD Buggy)
-Cliff-jumping units???
-The most metal infantry ever-- I guess

Truck General(replaces Toxin)
-Units under Technical and Quad Cannon Chassis

But don't bet I'll have all this up on release, I guess.

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