Gen Ost: The Fall of Berlin, is a modification for Battlefield 2 The topic is an alternative outcome of the events surrounding the 9 November 1989. The mod itself is based on the free documentation "The Third World War" the ZDF in 1998 which describes a possible chain of events that would take place in 1989 to the peaceful end of socialism could lead to nuclear annihilation. Geno followed the same procedure described in the document with the invasion of Schleswig-Holstein Osttruppen at the beginning of February until the liberation of West Berlin by NATO in late March 1990th As content both the battles of the cited documents and own bathing scenarios be included, which received more detail on the attack of the Eastern troops and re-conquest NATO. Receive will all be in this conflict parties as on the part of the Nato West Germany (BRD), USA, UK and other allies as well as Russia and East Germany (DDR) on the part of the Warsaw Pact.

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6h7u says

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best cold war mod!


I like all the new models and textures but the accuracy and strength of guns need to be increased definitely.


Good mod, but multiplayer servers are empty and dual weild weapons are overpowered.

This is a great, feature rich mod, in both Single Player and Multi Player. Massive maps, 64 player maps in Singleplayer, many new weapons, factions, and maps make this an exemplary mod!


very impressed by the amount of fine detail into this one. almost felt real. good job!

The cursor for the login page doesn't even show, and the creators clearly refuse to address this. Sucks, but the mod as it stands it totally unplayable. Nice concept though.


Gen Ost is probably the first released “what-if” late Cold War scenario mod for BF2. It is based upon a documentary the creator of the mod once saw and one a RTT game called World In Conflict plus it borrows heavily from other renowned BF2 mods such as Operation: Peacekeeper 2. Of course with permissions.

This is primarily a SP or Coop based mod with not much active servers or players, the gameplay is pretty like in the vanilla except much more streamlined, more deadly and there's a lot of more bullets flying around than in the vanilla version. Scenario is a Cold War gone into a real global war. Some maps take place in Europe where the NATO fights against the Soviets. NATO are, depending on a map a mingled bunch of soldiers from various countries but all speaking English. There's Norwegians on some snows maps and the French on one trench defending one. The Soviets are contrary to the description, a force of mixed NVA and Soviet Army combat elements which is sadly not that obvious at a first play. Soviets are strangely wearing the inaccurate TTsKO camouflage and most of faction's infantry weapons are unfinished or also inaccurate. There are maps that are a totally copied WiC missions but a nice homage.

Download & play it and you are looking for a gruesome demanding battle in where the opponent is often strong enough to route you out of your entrenched positions in less than 5 minutes. There are some crashes and bugs present hence it's a unfinished mod. Good mod.

An excellent, fun mod to play! Just a shame some custom maps don't work


jluvtx says

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Awesome Mod!

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best cold war mod!

Apr 1 2011 by 6h7u