Unlock the full Homeworld experience with all 8 main races, each fully playable with their own unique units, abilities, and playing styles. The FXmod adds depth and increased tactical options to the base game, and comes with new HD units, animations, fx, content, and unique features to bring you closer to the ultimate Homeworld experience.

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Dec 18 2018 Anchor

V1.35a (Public Beta)

2 New Gameplay Modes (WIP)
5 New HD Unit Models
24 Bug Fixes & 151 Balance Adjustments
Others: Revamped Skirmish Campaign (Shimmering Path), Custom Map Support

1. Main Updates

  • New: Artifact Retrieval (Game Mode)(WIP)

Based on Desert of Kharak’s popular mode. Use Resource Collectors to retrieve artifacts, and reach the target number before your enemies do. A more objective-based approach to regular Deathmatch, where chaos reigns free.

  • Artifacts show up at the 5:00 minutes mark and will show up again after they have been retrieved. Note that successfully retrieved artifacts will not show up again, even if the vessel they were brought onto is destroyed.
  • Supports both vs.CPU and Multiplayer.

Note that this mode is currently in stage one, we will be making many improvements and changes to it. But it is playable in this build, so you can get an idea of the concept and try it out.

Artifact Retrieval can be selected under “Game Types” in the drop-down box in match settings.

  • New: Custom Map Support

It took a bit longer than intended, but we are happy to announce that the FXmod now supports custom gameplay maps. The following requirements must be met:

  • Both the map (*.level) and thumbnail (*.tga) files must be placed in the following folder:


  • Maps need to have “dm” or “fx_dm” as tag in its index (*.levels) file.
  • Maps must be compatible with HWRM 2.0+ (e.g. contain no broken dustclouds or other objects that are not supported in this version of the remaster)

See Ace’s HWRM Map Pack for an example of supported maps, the intended folder structure, and a proper *.levels file: Steamcommunity.com

  • New: FX:G Standard PvP Mode (Game Mode)(WIP)

This is a new game mode. As with Artifact Retrieval mode, it is currently in (early) alpha development state but playable. It is basically Deathmatch stripped of all obsolete and unused match settings, made for absolute balance. Starting RUs are capped at 1000 each, and the mode comes with its own set of maps, which are more balanced than the stock maps.

In time we aim to further develop the currently existing maps and shape this mode into something for competitive players.

  • Added a new race for Standard PvP mode: “Observer”

As the name suggests, this option is for observing matches only. You start without fleet and will be able to view the match. If you pick observer be sure to set your starting position to the highest number position (e.g. Observer on a 2p map = choose starting position 3, on a 6p map = start position 7/8).

2. System Updates

  • Added gameplay tips to the loading screens
  • Capital Ships will now trigger Complex’s camera shaking effect when they explode (if zoomed in sufficiently)
  • X-System upgraded to v2.1.5
  • Several of DoK's fx were used to enhance both RM and FXmod fx.
  • Destroyer-class vessels and above will now use vanilla HWRM’s death fx*
  • Ion beams will now use vanilla HWRM’s ion beam fx*

* = These are temporary changes until we find time to recreate our own custom versions of these fx from in HWRM (currently they still use HW2C fx), and figure out a few things such as adding RM’s ion beam self-luminous effect to our own ion beam fx.

## Single-Player ##

  • Adjusted the difficulty curve for Skirmish Campaign - The Shimmering Path.

We found that the difficulty was higher than intended, especially during the earlier stages (which was mainly due to an AI bug – see “Bug Fixes” below), and have made a number of adjustments to ensure smoother progression.

## vs.CPU/Multiplayer ##

  • Custom maps are now supported, and may also appear if the "Random Map" option is chosen.
  • Kushan has been omitted from the “Random” option. They can still be used if selected manually.
  • Added 5000 and 10000 RU Injection options to Deathmatch.
  • Added a “Tactical Report” option to match settings (beta)

If "Tactical Report" is enabled the game will export data and match stats on matters such as RUs gathered/spent, units built, amount of ships destroyed and so on to your *\HomeworldRM\Bin\Profiles\ProfileX folder. If you want to save them be sure to move them somewhere else or rename them, as these files are automatically overwritten every match.

3. Race Updates

  • The basic fighter of each race can now target mines and missiles via force-attack (ctrl+shift). These units are: Assault Craft, Swarmer, Partner (Progenitors), Interceptor & Defense Fighter (Taiidan), Fighter, Interceptor (Kushan).
  • Added a new weaponrule for some units: realballistic. Shots fired by these units won’t 'chase' the target even if it was set to hit, but instead it go straight to where target was.

3.1 Hiigaran
- Added the {Speed Burst} ability (like in HW1C). This is in part to compensate for the lack of HGN Probes.
Light Cruiser
- Added new weapon fx
- Base cannons now use the realballistic effect
- {Sweeper Cannon Array} weapon type changed from burst to kinetic.

3.2 Vaygr
Infiltrator Frigate
Added {Cloak} ability
Artillery (Spear) Frigate
- Main weapon now uses the realballistic effect (vs. fighters & corvettes only).
EW Frigate
Added {Sensor Distortion} effect (passive) in addition to its existing abilities.
- Added 2x mini-cluster missile launcher for additional anti-strikecraft coverage

3.3 Kadeshi
Support Pod
- {Weapon Augmentation} ability has been changed from passive → active (toggle)
- Added new fx for swarmers under the effect of {Weapon Augmentation}
- Docking and production functions have been delegated to Fuel Pods and the Nebula unit.
- AA Microlaser Turret is now activated automatically whenever this unit is stationary, and will be de-activated when this unit resumes movement.
Fuel Pod
- Model upgraded to HWRM textures
- Added production & docking functions for all strikecraft and some mini-units.
- Drones will no longer auto-dock after combat. Instead they circle around the unit in parade formation when idle (see “Bug Fixes”).
- Drones can no longer detect cloaked ships.
Bright Nebula
- This unit (fully upgraded Nebula) can now also be purchased directly for 7500RUs.
- This is meant to be a shortcut for endgame Kadeshi players who have the RUs on hand. It costs the same a regular Nebula and fully upgrading it, but players don’t need to waste time on building all 3 Modules on it. It arrives combat-ready.
- In order to use this shortcut, the player must have at least 1 Bright Nebula on the field.

3.4 Progenitor
- Added a new model for the Welder
- Added a new model for the Demolisher
- Added new weapon fx
- Weapon type changed from single-target to AoE (splash damage). Increased anti-strikecraft capabilities (see “Balance Adjustments” below).
- {Hyperspace Inhibitor} effect (passive) has been delegated to Balcora Gate.
Balcora Gate
- This unit will function as a Hyperspace Inhibitor once Core - Hyperspace Force has been constructed.

3.5 Taiidan
- Added a new model for the Resource Collector (from Complex).
- This unit can now detect cloaked ships.
Defense Fighter
- Added new weapon fx.
- Added an additional construction bay, similar to Kushan Mothership (1→2). Simultaneous construction enabled.

3.6 Turanic Raiders
- Added a new model for the HeavyGun Cruiser.
- Added a new model for Turanic mines.
- The ability to detect cloaked ships has been delegated to the Minelayer Corvette.
HeavyGun Cruiser
- Added new weapon fx
- Main cannons now use the realballistic effect

3.7 Kushan
- The Scout unit has been removed and replaced by the Probe.
- Added a new model for the Resource Collector.
- The Resource Controller and Support Frigate have changed places.

  • Resource Controller has been replaced by former KUS Support Frigate, which has been renamed to “Resource Refinery”
  • Support Frigate has been replaced by former KUS Resource Controller, which has been renamed to “Maintenance Depot”. It also carries 2 Repair Corvettes.

The in-game unit descriptions have been updated to reflect these changes.

4. AI Updates

In addition to bug fixes related to the AI, we have also begun to make each level of AI difficulty more distinct from each other. Higher difficulty AIs may now act more like human players and do things you’d expect from a human player.

- New script: {Hiding} (used by certain AIs).

On [Normal] difficulty and above, these AIs will send their Research Ships/Pyramids away to hide them from enemies.
The distance and direction varies based on AI difficulty.

- Updated script: {Minelaying} (used by some AIs).

The amount of Minelayer units built & the size of deployed minefields now varies based on AI difficulty.

- New script: {Raid}

[Expert] Kadeshi AIs may now use Aberrance Swarmers to sneak attack resourcing operations (Offensive & Dynamic AI strategy only)

5. Bug Fixes (& others)

- Fixed the AI delay bug in Skirmish Campaign - The Shimmering Path. The AIs in this mode now have their intended difficulty.

The intended delay in the Shimmering Path AI script (the speed at which an AI 'thinks' and builds/sends units) is 0/2/4/8 for respectively Expert/Hard/Standard/Easy But due to a bug in 1.30 these values were 0/0.8/1.6/2.4. So “Easy” AI had almost 4x its intended difficulty.

- Fixed an issue where some of the AI script data would not properly write into save files. This could cause the AI to react slower after re-loading from a save.
- Fixed a bug where the AI treated TAI Defense Fighters, HGN Gun Turrets and KAD Defense Guns as reconnaissance units.
- All ships have correct battle scar display level now.
- Taiidan players will no longer remain alive in the match if they have only a Research Ship left.
- Kushan and Taiidan Research Ship’s modules can now be properly selected and attacked.
- Fixed a bug where {Harmless} strategy AI would still attack.
- Added the build/research times to some build&research items' description.

- [HGN] Pulsar Gunship now takes up the proper amount of docking slots (3)
- [HGN] Fixed the weapon module bug on the Light Cruiser. Construction re-enabled.
- [HGN] Fixed an issue where Anti-Cloak Sensors wouldn’t always detect cloaked ships.
- [VGR] Fixed an issue where the Vaygr could still build the Command Corvette in Skirmish Campaign - The Shimmering Path.
- [KAD] Lance Swarmer & Adv. Assault Swarmer no longer show non-existing LOD3.
- [KAD] Adv. Swarmer has been upscaled in size (2x)
- [KAD] Fixed an issue where the Kadeshi AI could not control Aberrance Swarmers
- [KAD] Fixed an issue where the Nagual couldn't be retired. To fix this we had to remove the docking sequence of its drones after combat.
- [KAD] Fixed an issue where the Nagual's drones would count towards the swarmer unitcap.
- [KPR] Heavy Mover will now dock properly.
- [KPR] Keepers can now be retired again.
- [TAI] Fixed an issue where Defense Fighters didn't properly shoot down missiles.
- [TAI] Fixed an issue where the Shipyard couldn't construct its Hyperspace Module unless the "Show All" button was pressed.
- [TAI] Fixed an issue where the Shipyard's engine glow doesn’t display.
- [TAI] Increased the Carrier and Shipyard’s LOD (Levels of Detail) loading distance.
- [TUR] Fixed an issue where the Azrael Attacker could not attack Phase Prisms.
- [TUR] Fixed the wrong alignment of some engine glows on the Outpost.
- [KUS] Fixed the Kushan Destroyer's ion turret firing sfx (thanks to 2.3 player patch)
- [KUS] Fixed the description of Kushan Gravity Well Generator & the problem that it displayed as a Sensors Array in fleet information menu.

6. Balance Adjustments

*The contents below remain subject to change based on player feedback and live match results. Balance is something we had not really touched upon yet, so with this update we wanted to lay down the framework for our six balanced races model and go from there.

- The Mobile Refinery unit (or equivalent) becomes available faster for some races (HGN, KAD).
- The base PDS have been removed from units that still had them.
- Damage of fighters has been boosted.
- Movement speed and weapons range of frigates has been equalized. Capture units will move a bit faster, specialized (auxiliary) frigates a bit slower.
- The speed of most missiles has been equalized (at roughly 600).

- The Taiidan received a substantial boost to their Capital Ships. They now have faster & easier access to their larger ships, which also have increased weapons ranges.
- Kadeshi Corvettes & Auxiliary-class units become available faster, at the expense of Frigates and Capital Ships becoming available a bit later. The Kadeshi's numerous modules & sub-modules have been consolidated, production simplified & streamlined.
- Hiigaran Capital Ships now follow the (new) Vaygr production system rule.

  • Affected units (e.g. Light Cruisers) can now be built as long as the prerequisite facilities exist anywhere in the fleet (no longer needed on each individual production vessel that you want to build said units from).

The full list of balance changes & exact numbers and will be included with the download.

Edited by: WildHeart|GENESIS|

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