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Aug 30 2019 Anchor

What are Technical Issues?

Typically Error: General Failure or Access Violation Errors (AVEs). These are severe errors (game crashes, freezes) that may occur during game launch, loading, or gameplay.

Different from bugs is that technical issues prevent gameplay. If you run into oddities that still allow you to play see the known bugs thread instead: Moddb.com


Before reporting an error please check the following:

  • The FXMOD requires your game language to be set to ENGLISH.
  • Your Homeworld:Remastered version should be v2.0 or higher.
  • The FXMOD is not compatible with other Homeworld mods, and should be the only mod active.

Reporting Technical Issues

If the above solutions did not work the error is on our end.
To help us locate it, please post the details of your issue below with (a link to) the contents of your hwrm.log file.

[!] You'll need to check your hwrm.log file right after the crash, before you launch the game again since it'll be overwritten then.
Copy-paste the contents of your hwrm.log file to a website like Pastebin and post the link to the pastebin below.
hwrm.log is found in this folder:


Known Technical Issues (v1.35)

  • **NEW** (BEN Defense) Docking issue that results in crash when playing as TAI (vs. TUR) [Log]
  • (Shimmering Path) Stage 32 may sometimes return a general failure when played on low graphic settings.
  • (Shimmering Path) EX2 may crash a few minutes in. [Log1]
  • (Legendary Fleet) Upon reaching Wave 7 (or higher) the game may return an Access Violation Error. [Log1 (Wave7), [Log2]

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