Fullmoon is a team-based, multiplayer FPS with a survival horror theme. The two teams are British Army Soldiers and Werewolves. Soldiers are equipped with firearms and explosives which do not injure the Werewolves but do impede and slow them down. Werewolves have only their claws and teeth which are deadly to the Soldiers. The game takes place in large, outdoor, atmospheric environments during the dead of night, on a full moon. Currently, the game has two modes:

Recon Game Mode
The Soldiers are sent on a reconnaissance mission but are dropped off half a kilometer from their target destination and must travel the rest of the way on foot. Werewolves lurk in the forests with them and must hunt down and kill as many Soldiers as they can before the Soldiers reach their destination. Once the target destination is reached by the Soldiers they discover an old Winchester rifle and 10 rounds of Silver bullets to load into it. Silver is deadly to Werewolves. Once the Winchester rifle is armed, any players killed previously by the Werewolf come alive as Werewolves themselves - Let the blood bath commence.

Siege Game Mode
The Soldiers start inside a lightly fortified building and must barricade their stronghold against the Werewolf attack. A rescue vehicle is inbound but they must buy themselves enough time for it to arrive by nailing planks and boards of wood against the entrances. The Werewolf are just outside and must smash and break the barricades down to get access and kill the Soldiers inside before their rescue arrives. The Soldiers win if they escape in time, otherwise they're dog meat.

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August Update

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Hey Fullmooners, it’s a beautiful night out tonight, the moon is high, full and majestic, so Alex and I figured it’s a perfect time to give you all another dose your favourite Werewolves vs Soldiers FPS.
I’d like to kick off with a little bit about what Alex and I have been up to over the past few months. Since our release in June we’ve had a dozen or so closed alpha tests which have been extremely fun, insightful and beneficial to the development of the mod. Loads of bugs have been squished and a few new features have been introduced to the game. We now have a special item per class; the heavy is now a Support class is given a few Ammunition Boxes that he can throw down and team mates can resupply from, the Medium is now a Medic class and is given a few Syrette’s that he can use to administer morphine to injured team mates to stem the blood flow, however, if injected into creatures with a slightly different immune system it can cause some unwanted side effects, and the Light is now a type of Reconnaissance class that is given a Hand-Held Flare that can be used to light up dark areas, signal to team mates for help and, if thrown keenly, set fire to anything conveniently covered in fur! We have made some more adjustments and tweaks to the look and feel of the first person perspective of the werewolf, introducing a new shader effect to give the Werewolves a type of heat/smell vision, keener eye sight in the dark and other effects.

Now, on the subject of the Werewolf, I really think it’s about time we showed him off. It seems kind of weird to have all this talk about Werewolves and not have a single screenshot or video of him doing his thing. We won’t show anything in-game just yet but I’ve put together a small teaser reveal for him showing off some of his animations and giving him a bit of the lime light. I hope you enjoy:

That’s all we have time for today guys, rest assured Alex and I are working hard on the game and investing all of our free time on bringing you the best darned Werewolf mod out there.
On a final note I’d like to make a call for help, Fullmoon is on the lookout for:
- Skilled first person weapon animators to help us out with our new models.
- Voice actors with confident, deep sounding voices and English/Scottish accents. Don’t be shy :)

All applications are welcome; if you think you’ve got what it takes just PM me or drop me an email at felixgeen@gmail.com.

Stay safe

Fullmoon in June. Total lunar eclipse!

Fullmoon in June. Total lunar eclipse!

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Hey gang! We're back with some new media and some great news!

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majorD2 - - 468 comments


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RoboTyphoon - - 660 comments


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BaronOhShi - - 6 comments

Don't know if you still exist, but if you do, you might want to try combining with this mod: Moddb.com

Maybe save them both...

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MakeMeASandwich - - 10 comments

Holloween Update Hmmmm :D

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Only-Dave - - 395 comments

Good unique idea. i am tracking this! :D keep up the great work.

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mashalien4 - - 29 comments

Quick question, what is the program you used to create the Werewolf model? I'm making a mod and I'd like to kno what program is best for model and NPC makng. Thanks in advance if you reply.

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WerewolfGeneral - - 2,241 comments

Obviouly tracking!!

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That_Rin - - 62 comments


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Bov - - 193 comments

Yo snah! Awesome to see this is up and running again. I hope you guys the best of luck.

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Cheva96 - - 120 comments

Intresting :D Tracking :P

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