FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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Free Ride Extreme Editor [Rev.8]
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Since the last revision (shown here: Moddb.com) I've reworked some of the weather symbols (created some new ones for fog, and reworked how rain/snow is presented) and implemented background image support, with 5 preset options available.

The background image is entirely optional, it can be enabled/disabled via the configurator. Its not a straight forward image, its actually comprised of 4 parts due to the way elements are handled - but I've included a template so you can include your own.

You can see the images I will be using - I recently posted them to the Artwork section for FUEL on Steam (here: Steamcommunity.com). If you have a great image along the lines of those and would like for it to be included as a preset background then by all means link me it and I will consider it!

This screenshot shows off the two Graphical modes - Basic (Left) and Advanced (Right), with Basic being the default option. Basic essentially removes the controls for varied weather and replaces them with simple buttons and generally makes the whole process a little more simple.

Soon I plan to add a control so you can specify the x-y co-ordinates and thus if you have a specific location in mind or your own vista point then you can use it as a start point. It will also give the XY of the default Vista Points. The XY can be found by running debug mode or PosPerso (Enable XYZ optional mod).

I haven't showed off the Career Race editor yet, but you should at least get the idea of how it will look and the overall quality involved. Already these tools are available in 6 languages, with both graphical and command line modes (advanced and basic sub-modes for each), 2 preset themes (light and dark) and 5 optional background graphics.

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