FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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Free Ride Extreme Editor [Rev.7]
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In an earlier screenshot upload (here: Moddb.com) I discussed the implementation of a log system; basically records users inputs and settings set. One issue that was brought up was the issue of space - as in, what happens if the program keeps writing to a log file and continues to fill up.
Of course the log file for this program is insignificant, but its a valid point and something I went away to brain storm a method of overcoming this.

Here is a first example, the basic idea is that the program will have a defined limit to the number of log entries (currently 32, but I'll add an option so you can choose later). Every time a write to the log file is made, the execution is noted in a count and written to the config file. When this count hits 32, the file is copied, and placed under a different name (log.txt to logold.txt), before the original gets deleted and starts over.

In summary this means... you will at least always have a log for the last 32 times you ran any of the development tools - I will be going through and annotating all the functions later so you can see how calculations are performed, getting from your exact text entry, to the finalized exported entry.

Line 13 in the config file is a 1 or 0 defining whether the log file is even used - there will also be a method of clearing it from within the program.

I know this screenshot is hardly exciting - and I know a lot of you won't give a damn about a log or not, let alone a function such as this - but I'm attempting to make these tools to what I deem releasable quality and thus just an example where I do respond to feedback as I'm able xD I'm open to any and all further suggestions on how to improve them.

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