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Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Dec 29 2010 Anchor

This thread is for use in discussing EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus.

EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus controls the time given as a bonus when passing through a checkpoint. This can either be declared once or multiple times to give a different bonus time for each checkpoint. This is primarily used in Blitz Races. The values are set in seconds and by default all races should use "0" if a checkpoint time bonus is not required.


EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus 18

This gives the bonus time for all checkpoints as 18 seconds.

EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus 18
EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus 27
EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus 9
EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus 9
EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus 18

The above example has set various bonus times for a race containing five checkpoints, with the "EMD_SetTimerCheckBonus 18" corresponding to the first checkpoint.

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