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Frontier Suvival is (or rather will be) a team-based PvP module for Neverwinter Nights 2.

Two nations have recently extended their borders to meet each other's, at the site of an ancient battleground used thousands of years ago for resolving political conflicts using small scale battles with minimal casualties.

Gameplay concept
Frontier Survival is a pure action-RPG mod, designed to bring two types of gameplay: medium scale battles with player characters and NPCs, plus race-style fast-action dungeon crawling.

Each team chooses their race and is assigned a Home Town, each close to the border they share. These Home Towns are fortified by a series of Obelisks. These Obelisks magically appear when a team captures a Runestone of Power from one of the instanced dungeons. Once all of the Runestones of Power are collected, teams are allowed to attack and destroy the opposing Home Town. The team that destroys all of the opposing side's Obelisks wins the game.

To collect Runestones of Power, both teams are teleported to a symmetrical dungeon where they must face the same traps and monsters. Both teams start at either end of the same dungeon and fight their way towards the center. At the center of each dungeon is the room that holds the Runestone of Power. Experienced teams will meet in the center where they will battle against the mobs as well as each other simultaneously over the Runestone of Power.

Gameplay Specifics (may change)
-- When beginning a game, each team chooses their specific race of people.
-- A whole game is called a Match which includes multiple Rounds. Rounds are instanced dungeon crawls. The server admin or perhaps DM will chose a) the starting level of all characters and b) how many rounds there will be in every match.
-- At the end of each round all players will level up, all players will be the same level in every round.
-- Players will have two (2) minutes to decide how to level up, and will have an extra one (1) minute to re-equip and change their spell books. Consider this strategy akin to speed chess.
-- There is no Experience Point system or any Gold Pieces to collect, Frontier Survival is all about combat.
-- Player Characters are not saved on the server, and can not be reused between Matches. Each time you play you have the opportunity to create a new character with a different class and skill tree.

Frontier Survival Philosophy
Multiplayer NWN was fun. So will be NWN2. However, the campaigns are designed for solo or cooperative play only. Frontier Survival offers Player-vs-Player(-vs-Environment) gameplay. Also, due to the length of built-in campaigns and the experience system, it takes a long time to gain levels. Imagine a game where you can go from levels 1 to 20 in under 3 hours, or more realistically perhaps levels 15 to 20 in under 1 hour, as opposed to 1 to 20 in 80-100 hours. The final philosophical objective for Frontier Survival is tournament play. The short Match length plus a complete system of scoring and statistics with online database storage will make Frontier Survival ideal for tournament-style NWN2 play.

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Frontier Survival
Frontier Survival
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