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Basically Fort Zombie as a HL2 mod. Choose a fort either police station, hospital, or church. Gather food, weapons, barricading and medical supplies. Defend the fort. Survive as long as possible hopefully help will come. The map for the town in Fort Zombie was randomized and had multiple layouts. Bringing scavenging more difficulty. So this mod will attempt to feature that in the future. Survivors will aid you in search of supplies, build barricades, and fend off zombies. Sadly it will use Headcrab Zombies...for now. Music? You don't hear music playing in the background in reality so no BUT there will be at certain points such as fort invasions and scavenging at night. Ambiance? Moans, wind, gun fire, screams, well whatever you'd expect in a zombie outbreak. Will this be out soon?! If your not patient then leave. NOOB MOD! Don't bother then. Have a nice day.

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I've given up. I'm not great, not good, just a terrible terrible person who can't make jack ****.
So it's time to be done with this. All projects are hereby cancelled. They were all awful and just plain rip offs of something else by others. People were right, I can't do ****. They panned, trolled, and cyber bullied me because they were trying to tell me the truth, to show me the right way; stop making garbage. Therefore I am no longer going to be active on this site. I will be closing all accounts, games, etc. possible. My 'development group' ZE Gamez is hereby disband. All friends will be removed. Nothing I've done in the past 7 years of game development were any good, nothing was well received, just panned. If 7 years of failure ain't enough to show I cannot do jack, then idk what will. Just done. Over 20 games over 6 mods of failure.

Good riddens is what they say
Throwing their party shouting hurray
That the failure is gone
Heck they'll celebrate with a song
No more garbage by this creep
All cleaned no longer a trash heap
This community is now free
Everyone jumps up with glee
The tainted menace is no more
Get ready to break it down on the floor
A so called passion to design
Was just a form of being blind
The 'creator' fails at every turn
It all comes back to only burn
People were right so it's time
To hang it all up and leave in shame

Darkening_Demise (Originally Zombie_Expert)
Member since 2011-2013
No Longer Active

Hope things will be better off with the abominations gone. May you live long and prosper.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Fort

Cleaning and Maintaining the Fort

Other Tutorial

To clean out a fort is simple. Once you arrive you must kill all zombies and gather whatever supplies you can from inside. Note: Upon killing the last...

Scavenging and Item Info

Scavenging and Item Info

Other Tutorial

Day or night. Scavenging will turn out to be a difficult task. Your ammo may not last, your party could be wiped out. You must choose carefully on what...


omg poor guy which, horrible person trolled or bullied you everyone needs to have a chance of making their own mod, you have to ignore the trolls man they are just trying to make you stop working on the mod but hey if you realy done with it its your choice not mine, but yeah there is one thing they have a right in it you may not rip something from sombodys else his mod thats copy rights just saying but there is no reason that they have to bullie you for that,gl with your life man you deserve better

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could you try to use custom zombie models because the headcrab zombies don't feel like actuall zombies if you cant thats ok to but just somthing to consider oh and it looks really nice

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Fort Half-Life looks interesting. Here's some tips that'll help you improve it.

1. Make ammunition and guns harder to find. It puts more emphasis on exploring and makes the player conserve ammo to get head shots.

2. Increase zombie body health and damage they do to the player. Increased body health will make players aim for a zombies head more and increased damage will make a player more cautious about attacking a group of zombies in close combat.

3. Use a 3D Skybox. A Skybox can be used to not only add a sky to a map, but also create the impression of there being a world beyond the level the player is in. You could make it look like the player is in a big city or suburban area and the Skybox could give an idea of other areas (Other levels) the player can go to.

Hope these tips help. ;)

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It looks great until now. I need it now. D:

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Good luck with your proyect.

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Let me guess? The background sound you used in the video is from Resident Evil 3? Dont get me wrong i love that game and the ambiance can certanly work for this mod!

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Looks great! Im sure you will add multiplayer right? 2 things I like about this game. 1. The graphics arent bad but they arent great either, which gives a more scarier feel to it. 2. I have always wanted a full game like this (or mod) that is about stragey. I always hated the flash games from the internet.

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most braindead comment i have read. i mean "The graphics arent bad but they arent great either, which gives a more scarier feel to it" doesnt even make sense

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this is pretty cool any way i can help?. Tracking

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DEAD! The mod is dead and has been dead for months. got rid of the page so the mod is dead. Thank them jerks!

May 8 2013

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