Alliance are a serie of different mods. On the Star Wars GC, you can play the civil war Empire vs Rebel era + Black Sun and soon the Republic and CIS.

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This is a video example about the progress with this alternative mod created more as the old Star Wars Rebellion where you must give special missions to the basic heroes if you want recruit more new heroes, research and more.

The game is the video is a bit advanced. I have recruited with my main heroes many additional heroes. These additional heroes can research buildings, starships, fighters, recruit heroes and more. Other feature is how you can lose them in battle can recruit them again with your main heroes.

The recruit of heroes is random and not always is succesful. When it is not succesful, you receive the 75% from the credits neccesary for a mission.

The Research depends from the heroes, not all can research the same technology and not all the planets are good for research everything.

At this moment from the development, I have made the research from each unit but probably I will change it by other way, instead of research each unit, I will research technology which it will give you some tech, it can be more of one unit.

About other things. Playing with many planets, 167 in the GC from the video against only one AI faction adds one trouble. The AI was not created for this amount of planets. Its upgrade slowly the stations and the ground bases. Solution? if you attack a planet with Starbase Level 1 or 2, this low level stations can be replaced randomly by higher level stations with their reinforces and defense stations, it makes the game more difficult and increase the challenge playing. With the ground bases will happen some similar. It will prevent the AI problems and I have used before these things without problems.

About the other mod, the FOC Alliance. I have made some improves and I will update it soon, I have not uploaded the new update before because I was not in home or I had few free time as usual at this dates.