Alliance are a serie of different mods. On the Star Wars GC, you can play the civil war Empire vs Rebel era + Black Sun and soon the Republic and CIS.

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This is the true about many things
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Nomada_Firefox Author

The true disturbs them, I have deleted all the answers as they make. By this reason I wrote my answer about how bad was his UV at my own section.

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Nomada_Firefox Author

All these people acts like a complete hypocrits, they claim how I can not claim a idea which it is true, nobody can claim a idea. Only they can think for themself and show to the people how they made it before.

But they have came here claiming that it was his idea......sorry guys, it sounds hypocrit, a lot.

At the end, as many other things that all you will see, people will judge one true thing, the point is this, the first publishing it at a mod or as a public model which all can play, it will be the first with it. After it, all the people will be the second and there are not any bad by this.

Only remember, the players will judge who is the best, not you above the others.;)

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I'm not going to side, but you take this way too personal.
Now let's look at the facts shall we?

- you managed to finish of an existing model faster than they did.

* you say that's a good thing, but i look for quality over speed.
* They have other models to work on.
* they did not self declare themselves the best modders, some of them declared YVAW better than yours, that's a whole different thing.
* honestly what's the point in doing something faster or thinking about something the soonest. What also counts is quality, behaviour towards others, ... good english?

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Nomada_Firefox Author

I go to give you one point, never I have told that I´m the best or my mod is the best, one creator can not judge it.

But Burnstrobe always is trying sell his work as the best. It is the problem.

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I'm sorry, but regardless of which ULAV you like better, there is certainly value in getting models made quickly. Life is short- eat desert first and play games while you can! lol.

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Nomada_Firefox Author

Yep. I would like add one point more important, do you go to play EAW at 4 years? probably not, most of the game communities die with ten years by many reasons but the most important, probably a computer from 2016 can not load EAW/FOC.

This is the reason because always I´m searching new games for modding. The day that I find other better, I will move to it. Specially because EAW/FOC has a lot of errors, I would like a game where you can build a unlimited fleet and the game does not start to freeze.

For critic a lot more, I go to tell you one funny thing from the Vong mod, do you know what is the computer from Strobe? if he has not upgraded it, it is a i7 with a GTX480 and he is making the mod for it. By this reason many of the people will not be able play the mod. People have accused me many times from the requeriments from my mod, they are right but with the features from Strobe, they will be higger, a big galaxy, each planet with 2048x2048 textures or higher, each system with a different nebulae and probably more, these were his ideas when he colaborated with my mod and I did not accept them because I would need a new computer for play the mod, but it is the most funny, I play my mod on a computer from 2006, the unique stuff upgraded was the graphics card, a GTX460, nothing more at 6 years. Have fun.

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I received this model from TheDestiny the week of Aug 17th, 2012, he made it 4 months before but a group of people which they tell to themselves be the greatest modders from the world could not finish it faster. I finish it with the help of Nawrocki at 5 days. Have fun comming from me, I man which he was not to the university and I have worked even as gardener. I learn everything by myself. Somebody with all his studies, even studing 3dmax, Maya and more, they could not finish it before.

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