Alliance are a serie of different mods. On the Star Wars GC, you can play the civil war Empire vs Rebel era + Black Sun and soon the Republic and CIS.

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Report RSS FOC Alliance Rebellion - Ground units transports (view original)
FOC Alliance Rebellion - Ground units transports
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This is the unique thing added lately. The Rebellion ground units use starships for the transports but by accident, I discovered one thing which easily I will add.

If you take a look in the screenshot, you will see a ISD2 which looking the icon is the transport from a ground group of units. At the same time, it is surrounded by several Imperial transport and from my point of view, it looks great because it looks as if the Imperials had left the hyperspace and they were launching the transports for to attack the ground planet.

What do you think? I will add it by default and you will see the starship surrounded by the smaller transports all the times.

At the sametime, I have edited the AI and probably it does not attack planets with starbases as if there were nothing in the planet orbit. I added this small AI change in the 8.0.

If you do not know, the incoming FOC Alliance Rebellion is a new special mod created at first place by me with the objective from to test things. Now I have made it as a new different mod, perhaps the future from my mods in FOC.

The mod changes are centered mostly in the galactic mode adding missions for some main heroes searching other heroes, researching new tech and a different way of building. Very similar to the old Rebellion game where with a single shipyard, you needed a lot of time building starships. At this mod, you can build several additional shipyards, structures and more, ah, many units must be get with upgrades in other units.

What is the main point from all this? increase the strategy in galactic mode. Now you will not accumulate a lot of credits, you will spend them building, researching or searching new heroes.

The first version will add the Rebels and Empire only. There will not be additional factions and perhaps I will replace the Black Sun by other thing. At the end of the mod, it will be multiera but with only the default factions and some changes when you finish a era. Just it.

EAW, FOC, star wars
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