You have just escaped from a mental institution. You’re on the run. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. You are jumping happily from cloud to cloud. You know that the only way to freedom is by reaching the ship at the end of the level. A cute bunny is jumping towards you, blocking your path. By pushing a button the whole world flips around and shows its dark side. The bunny is now an evil nurse who is trying to stop you from getting away. You headbutt her, clearing your path. With a push of the button the world flips back and shows its light side again. “Play FLIPSIDE and see the world through the eyes of a madman” FLIPSIDE is a platform game that allows you to experience the world from two sides. Pick a side! Please check our website for information about Team 3, FAQ and more.

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Sanmei says

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I'm absolutely amazed at how you've managed to get a 2.5-dimensional platformer out of a first person shooter engine, let alone one with such delectable mechanics. It's tragically unique -- I say tragic because since a big part of the game revolves around having to combat the enemies in order to get around them, having such HORRIBLE hit detection completely ruins the experience. It's far more frustrating than it has any need to be. I godmoded my way to the ending so I could witness all the material -- if it were more playable, I'd wish it was longer.

I like the game. I see alot of work was put into this. There is one con, the attack option is a bit off like if the enemy attacks you, you can't attack himbut when he's not attacking you you can attack him.

Flipside is a lot of fun in its creation.
You play a mariolike game with a flipside.

I give the game a 7.5, if the jumping mechanic
and bees werent that hard and i wouldn't have given up
on this Mod.

Perhaps as a fully fledged game with some tweaks, this could
easily be an 8.5 game, the sounds and style are great and funny.

Try it here and good luck :


Different, well thought out and very artistic!

I don't even know how this is in Half-Life 2.


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haha wierd mod...


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