From the creator of Half-Life 2: Beta Deathmatch, this mod combines the thrilling, heart-racing action of old-school shooters such as Quake and Unreal Tournament, horde mode-style gameplay, and gameplay elements, mechanics, and customization inspired by SMOD to create a fast-paced, mind-blowing experience.


Bitl talks about the mod's release and other things about it.

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Finally after almost a year, the mod has been released to the public! Here's the download links to the mod on both ModDB and my Dropbox:



.ZIP file:

Dropbox (Direct Download):


.ZIP file:



.ZIP file:

NOTE: If you have FIREFIGHT RELOADED's BETA version installed, please remove or rename the folder in your Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods directory.

Here's the changelog:
- Added the following patch changes from the BETA:
- Added bunnyhopping
- Added a autojump option
- Added 2 new commands that can be used with customizing the store: buycallclientcmd and buycallservercmd
- Added auto-complete to the "give" ConCommand for items and weapons ( Credits to Saul from GitHub )
- Chapter select images are no longer affected by texture quality.
- Fixed a internal precache bug with the Poison Zombie.
- The "thirdperson" and "thirdperson_mayamode" commands no longer require sv_cheats to activate.
- If a zombie's headcrab is shot off, they will now slowly lose 1-5 health. (Can be toggled in the ADVANCED OPTIONS menu)
- Made shooting off a zombie's headcrab less rare.
- Fixed a bug where zombines would disappear on vaporize rather than dissolve.
- Fixed a bug where headshot gore would show up even if low violence is enabled.
- You can now determine how much KASH you can spawn with in the ADVANCED OPTIONS menu.
- Temporarily disabled the "Customization" portion of Custom Weapons due to a crash.
- Recoil animations now work for other Custom Weapon projectiles.
- The AI now has enhanced sound perseption.
- Added 2 new weapons: the M249 Para and the Deagle!
- STORE: Rebalanced prices for weapons and ammo.
- STORE: You can now buy the full amount of ammo, no matter what difficulty
- STORE: Fixed a bug where some items would be completely diffrent prices than they are listed
- Fixed the Sniper Rifle's HUD image not appearing if you pick up/buy ammo for it
- Redesigned the Main Menu to be more modern and to show the version number.
- Changed the version number format to the original (Release.Major.Minor.Patch)
- Replaced the background with a 1080p version of it (Thanks CyroDragon!)
- Fixed a bug where the Hunter death texture does not load on lower settings.
- Added a new stopwatch that counts up as you survive.
- Changed the look of some HUD and VGUI numbers and icons.
- Categorized the options in the ADVANCED OPTIONS menu.
- Some of the ADVANCED OPTION panel's options now use sliders.
- Increased the View Roll Angle limit from 3.5 to 6.0.
- Removed all traces of a unique myth/folk tale from Minecraft.

I hope you guys have fun playing this as I had making this! I plan on releasing more updates and content soon!

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