At last we in the FS-WWI developers group bring you FS-WWI Plane Pack 5. This free add-on to the flight simulator Fighter Squadron: Screamin’ Demons Over Europe is a total conversion mod to convert Fighter Squadron (Or SDOE as we in the community like to call it) into a World War One flight simulator. The area of conflict takes place mainly in the Somme region of France circa 1914-1918. With 54 flyable aircraft, two flyable balloons, one flyable Zeppelin, 8 drivable ground vehicles, over 450 Training missions and 185 Campaign Missions to choose from FS-WWI has a lot of content to offer!


This is it! The FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 EXE Installer is here. Included with the installer is a FS-WWI "Launcher" with all of your FS-WWI essential tools in one spot! In true SDOE fashion, it's mod-able so you can replace any or all of the theme pictures with ones of your own. Lastly, the Quick Mission Builder which has been updated and tweaked for FS-WWI and the SDOE Control Assignment Editor.

FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 All-In-One EXE Installer
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