I'm a systems administrator. My interests are flightsims, computers, collecting militaria, reenacting, and sketching/drawing.

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I have always been the one to want something done right, almost no matter the costs. This and my never-ending need for perfection almost make me into a quality control robot at times. The success of FS-WW1 is a testament to these qualities. Rather than call something "done" for release sake, I always revisit my work as well as the work of others. If I notice something new that bugs me, or something not quite the way I want it I do my best to try and resolve the issue. I've never been very good at creating something fresh, but I've almost perfected the art of making somebody else's work better.

This has its downsides as well... Late releases or not moving on from one project to another in a timely manner. Also, the risk of stepping on someone's shoes in the process. I remember fondly the days of Combat Flightsim, weeding out the mods that, to me, did not even match the same standard of quality as the stock aircraft. I want something better, and I have a feeling users do too.

With this, I took the reins of FS-WW1 in the year 2001. I don't exactly remember the month; the forum that had this information stored fell into an internet black hole long ago. A bit of history behind that: In 1999 a small team of dedicated modelers and artists who enjoyed FS:SDOE started a WWI project known at the time as OP-WWI (Open Plane-World War I). As the team and talent grew, new things were discovered, and the potential for FS:SDOE to get its own separate WWI MOD was nearly at hand. Then the founders of the OP-WWI project (Who did so much) started a company of their own called Wings with Wires and I stepped up to the plate to nourish this little gem of a WWI MOD with the great help of the WWI community. Little did I know of the amount of enjoyment, work, headaches and people skills I would acquire over the years. It has been a road full of successes, downfalls, excitement and potential. It has been a pleasure working with so many over the past nine years, with their help FS-WWI has turned into a gem of a World War One flight simulator where potential and talent seem limitless.

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Fighter Squadron Developers Group

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Hai: First of all I apologize for my english because is not my born languaje. Ok and now let me says your work is simply amazing and incredible!!!for all we love the sim of ww1 is really a gift, truly....ok and now I try to ask a question ...all the sim is pretty cool and work fine but I can´t accelerate the engine...I try with key E in my computer keyboard and the engine stars but when try to accelerate with shift c or shift v or wathewer not work...I have a genius joystick and only change for have a mouse pans...I think maybe I done something wrong...can you help?...many many thanks and regards.

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ArgonV Creator

Thank you very much! Your English is quite good, sorry I did not see your comment sooner.

Fort engine acceleration with the keyboard, please try using the - and + keys on the keyboard.

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