Hello Commanders, welcome to my big Modproject, which is seperated into three main Unitmods: Future Battlefield Pack, (F.B.P.) Orbital and (F.B.P.) SCIFI. Playable on Supreme Commander 1 and Forged Alliance.

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Hello everyone, I have finally published my two new Releases (V.1.1.5) of my first Unitpack (F.B.P.) for Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance.

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Hello everyone,

I have finally published my two new Releases (V.1.1.5) of my first Unitpack (F.B.P.) for Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance.

The new Forged Alliance Update includes next to of a few Balancefixes and Unitchanges, 23 new Units. Yes you hear right 23 new Units are ready and waiting for your Orders. ;)

A full Readme with install Instructions and Changlog/Unitlist is in the Downloadfile.

You can download the two new Releases here:

Forged Alliance Version:


Supreme Commander (Vanilla) Version:


I think you are a little bit worried about new Units are integrated in this Mod. The reason is I have think about several days ago to expand the FA Version of this Mod with more new designed Units from myself.

Mostly of these units was presented here on the Gallery long time ago for the SCI FI Addon, but they are now integrated in this Mod.

And what i want to say is this Mod will be Updated in the future of cause next to of the two Addons with new Content (New Units).

NEW UNITCONCEPTS for new Releases (First Mod):

Here are some new Unitconcepts for the next major 1.2 Release and upcomming Versions (First Mod).



- Tech 1-3 Tankhunters

- Tech 2 Mobile Anti MIssilesystem

- Tech 3 Mobile Shieldgenerator

- Tech 2 Land to Sea Destroyer

- Tech 2/3 Mobile Buildpad


- Tech 1 MIssilegunship

- Tech 2 Lightning Gunship

- Tech 2 Scout/Jamming Plane


Tech 1 Podshieldgenerator (Size of the Tech 1 Defenses)


Tech 3 Aircraft Carrier



Tech 1 Missilelauncher

Tech 1 Repairbot

Tech 2 Repairbot

Tech 2 Mobile Artillery

Tech 2 Mobile Antimissile

Tech 2 Mobile Shieldgenerator

Tech 3 Mobile Shield/Steathgenerator


Tech 1 Naval to Land Light Cruiser

Tech 1 Naval to Land Scoutship

Tech 2 Naval to Land Battleship



Tech 1 Mobile Shieldgenerator

Tech 1 Mobile Missilelauncher

Tech 2 Fieldengineer

Tech 2 Beamtank

Tech 2 Snipertank/ Tankhunter


Tech 1 Flying Saucer

Tech 2 Flying Saucer

Tech 3 Flying Saucer


Tech 2 Shield/Anitmissile Supportship

Tech 2 Artilleryship

Tech 1 Destroyer

Tech 1 Light Cruiser


Tech 1 Shieldgenerator

Tech 2 Engineerstation

Tech 2 Beamlaser Defense



Tech 1 Hovermissilelauncher

Tech 1 Mobileshield

Tech 2 Mobile Antimissilesystem

Tech 2 Attacktank

Tech 2 Teleport Ambush Tank

Tech 3 Mobile Repair/Shield


Tech 1 Gunship

Tech 1 Groundattack Fighter

Tech 2 Groundattack Fighter

Tech 3 Groundattack Fighter


Tech 1 Sub/Battleship

Tech 2 Submarine

Tech 2 Battleship

Tech 3 Shield and Supportship


UEF Experimental Pointdefense

Cybran Experimental Point/Antiair Defense

Aeon Experimental Beam/Hovertank

Seraphim Experimental Battleship (Countervariant of the Aeon Battleship)

My full Workprogress will be focused now on the Orbitaladdon to make the first Version ready. Next to of it I will start to work to bring the first Mod (this) to FAF and Steam.

But I will support this Mod of cause to fix possible Bugs or other things.

So report it when you found something.

Stay tuned for News and Updates.

Best regards CDRMV

Here are some Pictures from my 3D -Models for several new UEF Orbitalstructures and more will come soon:

UEF Tech 2 Orbitalfactory

UEF Tech 3 Orbitalfactory

UEF Tech 2 Orbital to Planetary Shieldgenerator

UEF Tech 2 Orbital Shieldgenerator

UEF Tech 3 Orbital Shieldgenerator

UEF Tech 2 Orbital Hangarbay

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