The EAC got an update which completely disables coop with the mod. If you still want (as me) play coop with the mod, download and use the EAC remove fix.

At first - please read carefully entire description, we can avoid unnecessary comments and reports.

And please backup your original patch.dat patch.fat files. Of course you can get them by verifying files in Uplay, but if you don't want to download 9 GB....

It is recommended to change resistance points AFTER you liberate Dutch's Island. It will work also in Dutch's Island but you can experience problems in getting RP for final mission, so you can stuck there for hours.

If you want use the mod, you need the game version 1.11 or the latest game patch 1.13

If you reading this, then you probably using a PC. You made a smart decision, because PC is the best way how to enjoy this awesome game.

So, Ubisoft decided to abandon this awesome game, so it's time to edit things that were created badly - exactly resistance points, no more live events to unlock contant to the game.

This mod doesn't contain files like download-copy-play. You will get some source files and program that allow you to edit and pack game sources. It is due to stup*** Ubisoft decision about game files sizes. So file that must be edited has 9 GB - who want to download 9 GB every time for every mod? So I and my co-author created mod and program that is much smaller than patch.dat. Also, by this way you can select what you want in the game.

Program inside mod is used to select features of this mod and insert them into the game.

If you want to help develop the mod (searching in game files and testing changes in the game), you can. You will be listed in credits.


Mod changes in the game (you don't have to run them all, you can select what you want)
(it can be changed in patches)

  • Remove startup videos and epilepsy warnings
  • Add enemies after region is liberated
  • Unlocked outfits, weapons and vehicles
  • You can change resistance points as you want
  • Allow you to visit Veterans Center in Whitetail Mountains. Only youuuu......
  • Replaces New Game+ loading music with the Father's theme - Build a Castle (Reinterpretation) (before start NG+ you need to be at Dutch's Island).
  • Unlock all perks which have some requirements. Of course, not GFH.
  • Replace the nuke end main menu background to the original.
  • Faster parachute open (you don't have to hold space, just press it).
  • Faith will not disappear when you approach to her. She also stay longer.
  • You are able to go inside Father's statue without destroying it.
  • All outposts will have Eden's Gate decorations also after liberating
  • Change time scale to: stopped, slow, fast, night is as long as day, etc...
  • NPCs will have randomly selected weapon. No more only AR-C.
  • Abillity to remove the Montana intro video
  • Unlocked weapons from beginning of the game (e.g. you don't need to get xx level of resistance; of course you need to buy them :D)
  • Enterable John / Faith / Jacob bunkers
  • The Confession mission equipment fix (bug which Ubisoft never fixed)
  • Option to set hard difficulty same as Infamous (Hard = Infamous) + health will not regenerate
  • Experience Hope County in different weather and morning fog! Weather randomly changes from sunny to rainy with fog in mornings.
  • Restore train from intro chase in Henbane River.
  • Spawn a NPC, assign it as pseudo-GFH, you can spawn also some unique characters
  • Flashlight toggle
  • Disable depth of field (e.g. on weapons)
  • Radio will play also after you leave a car
  • Remove music and speeches from unliberated outposts
  • New mini-mission at outposts - defend outpost, see below for more
  • Replace Rook outfit with deputy's outfit from intro
  • Remove Faith hallucinations from Henbane River
  • No GFH idle chatter
  • Restore E3 flags on cult vehicles
  • Increased timer in Jacob's Trials and Clutch Nixon missions
  • Corpses stay after you liberate an outpost
  • Turkish translation for the game
  • Skip intro missions and start new game right in Dutch's bunker
  • Upgradable perks also in normal campaign
  • Restored / ported A.J.M.9 and Blood Dragon Bow with Rex Colt outfit from New Dawn
  • Some bugfixes for the game - discovery bug of dock at Nolan's shop; floating tree in Henbane River
  • Ceanos Movements - higher jump, can move in shallow water, ...

Cancelled to-do list

  • waves at outposts - every wave is created from AISpawner, but unfortunately they can be spawned only once and adding new AISpawners is impossible
  • more enemies - NPCs are spawned, but they're walking on an outpost for few seconds / minutes and then they just go away from an outpost, so they can't stay at an outpost

Known issues

  • Drubman Marina and US Auto don't have cult music after liberating - still don't known why
  • Some content is still locked - I have done some live events, so for me they are unlocked; if you have some locked, write to comments
  • Some objects at outposts can be overlaped with cult decorations - this cannot be fixed - file has unknown binary structure
  • Random NPC Weapons - if you want to take M16, SVD, weapons have wrong icon - I don't know why, because in HoD it's working
  • Unreleased weapons has wrong icon and name - you must know that these weapons were created without icons and don't have created language entries, because they should never have appeared in the game


How to use mod (you can also see "Installation and usage" video)

  1. When you download zip, unpack it and run FC5ModInstaller.exe.
  2. There is button with "Select patch.fat file...", click on it. Now find you game installation dir and then go to data_final\pc\ and there select patch.fat
  3. If there is some problem with patch files, the program show message box.
  4. Next, there is list of packages. You can select what you want by clicking on each item. Selected items are marked with ✓. If there are some red bordered items, then it means they are in collision - both packages changes same file, you must select only one of them. Every item changes another thing in the game.
  5. To apply changes in game you must click to "Patch the Patch".
  6. After the packing process is finished, you can close the program and run game.

If you need help or have any ideas, just write to comments.




  • ArmanIII (discovery, data mods, magic)
  • RtroActiv (tools, first program for packing - without him the mod would never have come into being)
  • The Silver (many packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • mlleemiles (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • legendhavoc175 (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • wongyuhua (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • deadSEKTR (program's UI design)
  • Steve64b (Dutch language of Mod Installer)
  • OWGKID (Norwegian language of Mod Installer)
  • VGoth (Russian language of Mod Installer)
  • Schrotflinte12 (German language of Mod Installer and new strings in the game)


  • mistemitsmit
  • vbiguine
  • Adlene

Special thanks

  • rengareng
  • SunBeam
  • Norway1999
  • Gibbed
  • Ekey

And others who I forgot to add!

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