Removed many roving patrols, guard posts!!!!! Roving patrols attacking guard posts. Player in vehicle, decrease distance visible. Removed Malaria Unlock All Weapons Realistic Weapons Rearmed AI

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lisac2k says

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So simple, yet so great - this mod provides you with a proper challenge and, at the same time, eliminates the ill-fated chores from the original game, like cleaning the landscape of ever-returning cockroaches or repairing your means of transportation every 50 meters/yards. The amount of fights has been reduced not only for the sake of fun, but also for the sake of more planing required. You will be tempted to use new tactics and diversions, you will be required to take any advantages over your enemy you possibly can, and last but not least, you will have more fun in doing so. The weapons are as realistic as it gets, considering compromises that had to be done in order to avoid ruining the fun (i.e. what we have here is a well balanced mod). I would normally give 9/10 for such a great creation, but then I usually decide to spend 1 more point on it, in order to honor good concepts and their authors.


JediSith1981 says

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Ubi made FC2 bad for me vanilla with my main complaint being the malaria, but this rids it and makes some other snazzy tweaks B-) Cheers & thx for the mod!


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