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While I have enjoyed past Mafia-themed games (Gangsters 2, Mafia, Godfather), there has also been Mafia based games that I did not like at all (Made Man, Mob Enforcer, Scarface). But I would have to put the Godfather 2 in my like list above the Godfather 1, and right below Mafia.

Upon starting the game, I pretended that I knew nothing of the Godfather trilogy, or even the previous game in the serious. This way, I would have nothing to counter-act how much I would or would not enjoy this game, as I would have nothing to compare it to constantly.

Though the graphics are quite a bit outdated, and the gameplay is a bit repetitive, I found myself getting deeper in to what the game offers, and cared less and less about its flaws.

I enjoyed battling throughout the city in different stores, venues, and industries to gain control of the cities. Cars have a "just right" feeling to them, not making the cars ridiculously too realistic, such as GTA IV did.

In the end, I have had much enjoyment with the Godfather 2, and wished there were mods to further the gameplay. Even though I will have Mafia 2 soon flooding my computer, I will not forget the Godfather 2.

Now days, the GF2 is a bargain bin treasure, and I highly recommend it if you find a copy for $10 or $15.

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