Fallout: New California adds an all new story around a new player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, embarking on a journey through the wastelands of the New California Republic's Cajon Pass. An unofficial prequel to New Vegas, FPB adds hours of new gameplay and a fully voiced stand alone campaign.

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We had a few new people join the FNC team over the last month who have been greeting permission to use other resources we never had access to in order to improve the quality of NPC faces.

Dakota, who replaces Jamie totally for 220 and 1.0, looks amazing. Her robotic arm she lost as a kid before she was brought to the vault adds visual interest, as well as tying into a deeper character story than the one that its replacing. Jenn got an upgrade to match her concept art, as did Kira.

I'll drop the new dialogue and voice acting on top of what exists. Doesn't even have to edit a script.

Enclave Dakota can get a new NPC, new Quest, all new scripts start to finish, and that just starts her fork. Totally new and clean from the get go.
Jamie's replacement will just take advantage of all her lines in situ.

So her greeting, "Oh my god, I thought you guys were killed in the explosion!"

Becomes, "So. They sent *you* up here to interrogate me. Don't bother, I've said my peace."

And instead of talking about stuff that oesn't matter, you are coaxing this Enclave Patriot back to your side having taken her prisoner. Eric, no longer her lover, is now watching her as a potential spy.

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