Vault-Tec's most notable product was the vault. Officially, the vaults were part of “Project Safehouse”, designed to protect the American population from nuclear holocaust. In actuality, they had a more sinister purpose, a project known as the “"Societal Preservation Program" The vaults could not possibly have saved the citizens of the United States from the ravages of a nuclear war or a viral pandemic. With a population of almost 400 million by 2077, the U.S. would have needed over 400,000 Vaults to protect every man, woman and child. Vault-Tec was commissioned by the American government to build only 122 such vaults...

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Mod Launcher Demo

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This video shows the launcher running Last Vegas, Enclave and Awaken at the same time!

It also shows what all the features on the menu do.

NOTE: This video is to demonstrate patches and other customization mods running at the same time, the Mod Launcher is not made to launch full mods but as seen in the video "it can".

Public version release date: Not sure, need to do some testing first and if everything checks out i will post it in a few days along with full detailed tutorials, instructions and maybe a few start files.

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