Fall of Kobol is a total-conversion modification for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion featuring Battlestar Galactica: Colonial and Cylons.

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First of all: This mod feels incredibly good! It is with no doubt fun to play and feels like BSG the whole time.

It has not the absolutly best models, textures or effects compared to other, newer mods and personally I think, both the cylons and colonial forces could use some work on their units and designs, but the game still looks amazing and you can hope for some pretty epic fights. It is a bit sad, that the battles are very static, what doesn't always fit the ones seen in the actual show. Zoomed in at a viper having fast and intense dogfights with cylons, that doesn't matter, it looks just incredibly good.

The cylons also have some interesting gameplay mechanics, that are a bit hard to understand I think, because some of the instructions don't seem as clear as they could be. But once figured out, these little specials can really change the gameplay, wich is the most fun in multiplayer matches. I can't tell how good the AI understands to use them, but one thing is sure: If you play against some hard cylon AI, you will find another fall of the colonies eventually. The bombing effects are so good! But (and that's nothing a mod of bsg could do a lot about, so this critic is just from the pure gameplay point of view) having only 2 races aviable, the gameplay in bigger matches is often not as dynamic as it is in mods that throw in half a dozen races. For that matter, it really is recommended to try out sins of the fallen, wich offers comatible sub mods. to fight some plaque drones or transhumans will be even more fun with some good ol' battlestars!

All in all: A fun mod that is ready to be played and can entertain for hours and hours. Also, we've all waited way to long to see it here on moddb again, so THANKS for the new release and the absolutly amazing work done on this mod! I't fantastic!

Okay so, mod is good. Great really but there is a problem with the main menu not showing. Is there any chance that a fix could be made?

Edit: AI opponent didn't do anything. This significantly reduced my enjoyment at the end.


I simply can not stop playing this mod... its so good.

This mod was great! I can't fault it! I didn't know what to expect of it... But I enjoyed it so much, I opened a new blog dedicated to mods and this was the first one I wrote a review on. Please check it out, if you have any doubts about downloading, otherwise... It's time you could spend plaything this mod xD!


Probably one of the best mods out there. The thought that goes into the mechanics for the Cylons and the Colonials is amazing to say the least. The ships look amazing and you can really tell a lot of work went into the detail. My absolute favourite mod on the DB for Sins


Dax72 says

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Very much fun!

I love BSG series and this mod makes my game dreams real.
And with Fallen mod it's absolutely gorgeous experience (new races, updated old races, gameplay, models and effects).
Thank you ZombiesRus5 and col. for that! Keep up the good work!


epic mod for a epic show...i love this ships in the show and now i can fly them in fleets of 100s!!!!



This is the only Battlestar Galactica "game" out there and it's frakking awesome! You guys did such a terrific job on this, it wasn't a half-assed total conversion mod like a few other mods which shall go nameless. You work in my opinion is 100% on par with the work of the Star Trek Armada III Team, and if you've never played that mod, that very very high praise!

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