The episodic long awaited story-driven Portal mod is finally released. Go on a exciting adventure together with a interactive NPC to explore a different type of testing facility. You partner up with a mysterious test subject who managed to escape a long time ago. Together you try to find a way to escape.

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Factum Solus is a good mod. Although I could not count the number of texture and graphics errors it was well done. I really liked the custom particle systems used and another human in the game. The tests were not bad, however fairly easy. I really liked the custom AI voice and all the particle systems.

The level design for the most part, was really bad. They're are so many improper reflections, misaligned textures, and bad design choices.

However, the idea of an npc with a portalgun was cool with a not so bad story. Although, the writer needs to practice "show, don't tell".

Some of the level transitions don't make any sense at all too. Like basically no fizzlers are used at the exit of each test chamber. Which should in real life, allow you to portal through each level.

The test chambers were way too easy. Sometimes I feel like each level was the same thing.

The mod does good at the behind the scenes details and design but that's about it as far as level creation. But even then, some areas still look a bit weird.

The levels don't have soundscapes, if they do, they are usually the wrong ones or there is only 1 throughout the map.

Soundscapes for Portal are supposed to be used to hint the player on what to do. Here are some soundscape names:







A TON of the levels only have the portal_testchmb.explore_space soundscape which is quite bad.

The levels are badly optimized, too less func_detail brushes and no hint or skip brushes can ruin the performance and gameplay massively. Also, Some areas have area portals but they are not linked to a door. The Source Engine should be known for not being very hardware intensive.

The idea of pushing metal off walls is bad and only clutters the area a lot more and also be used to exploit the levels (which I've done). This idea makes the player feel like the areas are not mean't to stay.

Some of the levels don't even require me to think, nor is it a puzzle. If I need to find out what to do in a way that makes you feel puzzled, that's great. These levels don't have me very puzzled and I only find out what to do instantly, or by looking without even being puzzled.

A lot of the levels don't have Portal Bumpers which is which is why some you can't shoot some of the portable areas very easily.

Stairs cut the blocks in a way that doesn't make sense. So one floor block is cut in half which just looks ugly. The blocks should be full and not cut.

Some of the levels lack observation rooms. There should be one in each test chamber in a logical spot. Remember that people would monitor test subjects, but the GLaDOS killed them. But this mod takes place in a different universe but there should still be observation rooms.

Remember in Episode 1 where the 3rd room is being "built"? I got questions about that one, where is the light coming from? Why do the blocks get cut in half when the floor is being assembled? Why wasn't the room built before?

I want to know why the player is falling out of some hole in the first episode. It does not make sense at all, I hate it when you just fall out of a hole with no explanation of how you ended up falling.

In the second level 2nd room, you can literally see panels go right through walls! Also, why would there be a random pit of fire? Whenever I throw a cube in there, a portal appears out of no where and drops a cube. Why not just make the box dropper drop the box?

In the fire pit level, all you do is go back and forth to get a cube. There is no reason at all to add the stairs. Also, if you drop the box in the fire pit, a portal comes out of no where and puts and gives us a box. This level contains a lot of horrible design choices.

The mod it self had really good ideas, but it really messed up.

Anyways, these are my critic videos:\

I generally play Portal mods/games for the puzzle aspect. While this mod focuses more on story-based aspects, it ends up failing at that, along with many other things.

This mod's fetish for break-away panels and walls often tanks my framerate. The destruction doesn't even look that good, the textures cut off and some of the piston platforms have missing textures on them.

Being able to directly interact with a human NPC is something that has never before been seen in any Portal game. However, this mod just completely ****** it up. The AI often shat itself, forcing me to reload an earlier save and redo things, hoping that it doesn't break again the next time.

The puzzles are quite bad, in my honest opinion. They are either too easy, or rely on weird flinging techniques, or other hard-to-execute movements. There's a puzzle where the entire floor of the chamber moves up and down in a weird pattern, with a rocket turret. It tanked my framerate and made me feel mildly motion sick. There's another chamber with a fire pit and lots of rocket turrets along the sides. There's a floor that raises up as you walk on it, but all you do is dodge some rockets, grab a cube, go back to the start, put it on a button, then jump to the exit. It isn't a good puzzle in any way.

The new testing elements are too similar to elements seen in other Portal games/mods. The Waver is practically a reskinned excursion funnel, but it's so much harder to use. You're constantly bobbing up and down and moving through portals can be annoying. The Turbine is a reskinned Fan from Blue Portals, but bigger and never actually goes through portals. The Springer is like a weird hybrid of Repulsion Gel and Faith Plates. This one is the most inventive of them all, sadly. The Sensor is a carbon copy of the one from Portal Pro, but with a fancier model and texture. There's also a laser, which is a carbon copy of the laser from Portal 2. None of these elements are really used for unique puzzles, nor do most of them interact with eachother. Turbines just serve as a hazard, instead of a mobility implement like in Blue Portals. Springers never directly interact with portals, which sucks because I can think of some great momentum-based puzzles involving springers. Sensors could be used for cool puzzles, but they never do, unlike the ones in Portal Pro.

There's bugs up the ***. In the final escape level, when the music ended, the level restarted. This resulted in me having to restart from a far earlier level. The NPC AI is ******* apalling, getting stuck on everything, or just not moving at all. You can shoot portals underneath her, but she doesn't do anything at all.

Overall, i'd say this mod had some really good things going for it, but it ****** up so hard it wasn't even worth it.



Episode 1 is really not that good, Episode 2 is better but this definitely is not one of the best mods I have played.


It seems like it was a really good mod at the time of release, but after Portal 2, it just doesn't really hold up too well. It's just ok to be honest. The variable-strength launcher is a really nice element, but everything else is just either poorly implemented or not used to its fullest potential. I would still say it's worth playing, but I wouldn't blame you for cheating in some places.

I Just Felt Experience About The Mod Just Look Pretty Bad

Bad Player Guidance
Missalined Textures
Z-Fighting In Test Chambers
Bugs And Glitches
Basically there is a lot of visual and graphical issues
Boxed Maps

Factum Solus as a mod is a must play in my book. An interesting story, new and interesting mechanics and the chanbers not being extremly hard [adleast for me]. The first episode is kind of lacking but episode II is just perfect. Again, a must play in my opinion.

Absolutely amazing!

I enjoyed this mod, it was something new to me. It's been so long when episode 2 was released, when is episode 3 gonna happen?

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Factum Solus is a good mod. Although I could not count the number of texture and graphics errors it was well done. I really liked the custom particle systems used and another human in the game. The tests were not bad, however fairly easy. I really liked the custom AI voice and all the particle systems.

Apr 26 2013 by portalnerd