A mod that aims to add some flavour to the game. Made it so it's compatible with every other mod.

Features include:
- the ability to spawn/raise troops based on prestige, wealth or piety
- spawn different type of troops based on your martial stat and your traits for example
- the ability to convert gold to piety and prestige and vice-versa

To use this sub-mod with your own mods (ex. full overhaul mods), go to your mod folder (DOCUMENTS/PARADOX INTERACTIVE/CRUSADER KINGS II/MOD/YOURMOD) open the .mod file of your mod with Notepad or a similar program and add underneath the "path" line:

dependencies = { "YOURMODNAME" }

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Extra Flavour Mod


Features of the Extra Flavour mod:

- The ability to raise your own troops based on your wealth, prestige or piety. The number of troops is set at a standard amount of 500 and the cost is always 100, regardless of how much prestige/gold/piety you have. It is however not possible to summon troops if you have less than a 100.

Troop types are determined by the martial stat and certain traits such as Cavalry Leader. There are also unique troop types only available for those that play Hordes.

You can raise as many troops as you want, in any area that you or your vassal can geographically control. In addition, I've added the ability to summon troops in places you, your vassal or your ally have besieged. TROOPS CAN ONLY BE SUMMONED DURING WAR and will disband upon peace.

- Fleets will also be available to be raised and only through wealth. You do need to have a port in order to be able to raise fleets. Also, I've added the ability for players and AI to raise fleets based on their stewardship stat, regardless of whether they have a port or not.

You can summon 3 different type of fleets based on how much money you have: small fleets (five), large fleets (fifty) and huge fleets (five-hundred). Fleets can only be raised during war and disband upon peace. The AI doesn't have this ability as it's very difficult to balance it out properly. I'm looking at ways they can do the same without it ruining gameplay.

- The AI has the exact same ability to summon troops to make it more fair. Note however that because the AI in CKII is hard to balance in certain cases, they will usually just keep spawning troops regardless of how well they're doing in a war. I have held off on efforts to change this because it's as much a disadvantage as it is an advantage. Summoning more troops will make them more likely to win a war, but in long-length wars this will only drain their money and their spawned troops will give their enemies a better chance of upping their war score if defeated.

- Added the ability to convert gold to prestige, prestige to gold, piety to prestige etc. This is not available for the AI, and is solely meant to give the player a chance to use these values instead of having years pass by with a lot of prestige, wealth or piety without ever being able to put them to good use. This will give you at the very least a fighting chance in case you need to summon troops or fleets to win your war(s).

How to use:

The decisions to convert gold, prestige and piety are in the "decisions" tab.

To raise an army you can right-click on any settlement (i.e. cities, castles and temples) and the option to raise your troops will be available. If your martial skill is too low, that option will be greyed out.

Compatible with:

- Virtually every mod so it can be used as a sub-mod. I did this intentionally so ppl can enjoy this mod to the fullest extent.


- Complete. To me it's basically done, but with some feedack I'd be all too willing to update this mod given the time available to me.

About the author:

My foray into modding for this game came around the same time the AGOT mod was released. My sole contribution to the AGOT community was a mod called the "Visit A Brothel" mod (mod that I unfortunately lost permanently). Reviews for this mod have been generally positive and I understand a version of it is still available on the AGOT forum, so you might also want to check that out. I've been an avid fan of the CKII game since its release and when the opportunity came to make a mod for myself, I jumped on it. Being a bit older from when I was when I first started modding, my time has been limited when it comes to modding but I've picked up enough to ensure that I can make mods enjoyable. I am always looking to improve and I welcome feedback. This mod was created years ago, but I've found myself using it everytime I played CKII. It truly gives me the added flavour I wanted to see in this game and I hope you guys will enjoy it the same.

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Extra Flavour Mod v1.0

Extra Flavour Mod v1.0



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