Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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Today we've launched v2.1 of EoCIV to fix some issues spotted since the launch of patch #1.

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Thanks for all the feedback! Today we're launching version 2.1 of Evolution of Combat IV, this update fixes bugs spotted by users since the launch of patch #1 last weekend and introduces some new features including...

  • A fix for the issue with force powers in singleplayer
  • Jedi Master button is back in the singleplayer menus
  • Controls menu now uses the correct font
  • Jedi Academy Characters menu is now back in singleplayer
  • The saber clash system has been updated for multiplayer to allow more control over saber clashes
  • More memory leaks and small bugs fixed

We hope you'll enjoy the new update. The feedback you've been giving us really helps to develop the mod to something players will enjoy! If you're still getting issues with the latest update, please let us know by creating a forum thread and not by leaving a comment on the ModDB page - the comments section is ideally really only for little comments about the mod, not big feedback or bug reports. You can also hop onto the Discord chat to talk to us and the other members of the community at any time.

Keep in mind that this mod is the result of years worth of work, so please be positive when posting feedback. It doesn't help to get criticism when we've given up so much time working on this project for the community. We want to try and help you out, but remember that this isn't our full time job as we make no money from it, so we can only do as much as our free time allows. We're not a professional game development studio!

Here are some screenshots of the latest update...

2016 02 04 00003

^ The updated pause menu, Jedi Master is back!

2016 02 04 00009

^ The JA Characters menu is also back and can be accessed from the in-game character select screen

2016 02 04 00008

^ Force powers are fixed in singleplayer

You can get V2.1 by simply launching your game! When you start the launcher and click multiplayer or singleplayer the update will begin to install automatically. Don't worry, you won't loose any saves during the update, but you will loose your settings. When the game starts you'll just have to rebind your controls and set your video settings again.

If you get an error during the update, please close the launcher and make sure you have no game files open (E.G. the server .bat, etc). Reopen the launcher by running as an administrator and start the install again, it should work fine!

Thanks again for the feedback and support, don't forget you can follow us on Twitter for all the latest and chat to us over on Discord if you need help.

Evolution of Combat IV

Evolution of Combat IV


When i've updated and launched the game it keeps telling me patch 1# is available and the only option is "Quit".

Edit: Nevermind, got it to work, it felt weird that the first time playing 2.0 never asked for the #1 patch and now with the 2.1 it did.

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How did you get it to work?

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I've been playtesting single player on a Mac using bootcamp, a Windows 7 install, and an AMD Radeon HD 6750M, and a steam install of JA. Found a couple of bugs that I can reproduce consistently.

1) Force push does not remove the rock at the beginning of JA_rift, making level unusable.

2) Force lightning causing an explosion of any kind (turrets, gas canisters, boxes) causes a CTD.

3) Human_merc2 fails to load 75% of the time in the cutscene intro in the Corellia tram mission.

4) Really annoying to have to set manual block to its keybind every time I switch a character. I'm using M3 for saber throw, M2 for block, and M2 reverts to saber throw every time. Also seeing some other random keybind switches when changing characters, but haven't been able to reproduce those consistently.

Overall, amazing improvements to the combat system. I look forward to continued development and continued fun times!!

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How do you pause ai? I cant seem to find this option anywhere on the new menu. Also I have question unrelated to the update itself. Can I actually launch Escape Yanvin 4 through the evolution of combat 4? Thanks!

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