Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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An update regarding our first patch for EoCIV along with some other news about the mod's progress.

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Wow... we've been absolutely amazed by the response we've had since we launched 11 days ago. As I type this we are nearing 6,000 downloads and we can't believe the community which is already starting to grow - it's awesome!

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There have been a lot of similar questions asked regarding the mod so I'm looking at putting together an FAQ guide on our website (keep an eye out here for that), it should hopefully be up in the new year. Also coming in the new year is the first of our regular content patches. This first patch will bring a lot of new features that have been requested by players such as...

  • A further updated Serenity Saber System incorporating user feedback
  • Even more classes in the game along with fixes to some issues with existing ones
  • Support for the vanilla game using the Serenity Saber System as well as an update to our modified campaign fixing some character switching bugs
  • A fix to stop Luke vanishing when killed in multiplayer
  • Changes to force block to make it automatic when needed in multiplayer
  • A fix for the saber ignition flare in multiplayer
  • Other minor bug fixes

We hope that you will enjoy the patch when it is released! We're currently evaluating the update to make sure that it will be able to be distributed by our launcher, however as the update is a lot bigger than we would of expected any updates to be (due to all the feature requests), we may have to release it on ModDB and ask you to re-download. More info on that when the patch is officially launched.

Please note that if the patch does go out via our launcher and you get an update notification, you'll need to take a backup of your game saves if you've played any of the singleplayer else these will be lost in the update. To do this, you can go to your SerenitySaberSystems folder in My Documents and take a backup of any mission saves. Please do not backup any configs or game files as copying these into updated game versions can cause crash issues.

The patch will hopefully be made available in early January 2016, however both me and Serenity (lead developer) live in the UK which is experiencing some really bad weather at the moment, Serenity has been flooded badly which has obviously put EoC down in his priorities so the patch may be postponed a bit while he sorts everything out! I'll still be available to answer any questions on Twitter or ModDB.

final moddb image

Also, you may of spotted our new ModDB theme... Darth Vader has taken over the ModDB logo and we've got the classic starfield in the background!

Thanks again for all the feedback and support, we'll update soon when the patch is ready. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest, and feel free to discuss everything EoC over on the forums!

Evolution of Combat IV

Evolution of Combat IV


You guys are going to be the most popular mod on MODDB. I have already tried to spread a little bit for twitter (though I don't have many followers), and I trully think this game has potential to be the best swordfighting game ever seen.

I was already looking forward to get the first patch, but I wasn't expecting the notice that soon. The response to the community needs has been so fast... Good job and keep like that!

I guess this game will be correcting bugs as much as it is itself some gameplay balance. I don't know if you have already seen this in the forum, and you're working on it, but I have some specific requests concerning the combat strategies and the red stance, that would bring some gameplay clarity and balance.

- Red style is tagged as soresu in the enhanced HUD, when it should be djem so, and cyan style is tagged as djem so when it should be soresu. Currently, red style is pretty underpowered in terms of attack, since it's to slow but doesn't seem to create enough opennings to the enemies. I have some ideas to get him in tune, as for example, making the styles do different FP damage to the character hitten, and making the attacks not made from the blocking position more powerfull. Lessening the cost of the stab, since has a very high cost for the attacks posibilities it offers, aswell as other moves that could be made without the use of the Force. Since Force Points acts as kind of Fatigue aswell, they should still have some cost, but very low, something as 5 or 10 FP. Adding some kind of perfect block animation like soulcalibur guard impact. Youtube.com
This guard impact would have better rewards in those Forms based on redirecting the attack of the enemie, this means, Makashi and Djem So (Red style), and could be made by quickly pressing and releasing block + a direction. Your character delivers a hit towards that direction, that if collides with another saber in a middle of an attack, makes the enemy slowbounce/heavybounce at low FP. I think you had already tried something like this in some EoC version, for what I saw in the manuals.

-At least this happened to me. In the Jedi Academy story, in first map, when killing the first shadowtrooper, you gotta cut a tree with your saber to keep advancing up to a rock. Well rosh starts attacking me as if I turned on him.

I hope you see this suggestions usefull. I already talked about this in the forum, just re-posting here for more clarity.

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Can't wait, good luck.

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