Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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(SP) Restore console commands + command or button for lightsaber menu (Games : Star Wars: Jedi Academy : Mods : Evolution of Combat IV : Forum : Suggestions : (SP) Restore console commands + command or button for lightsaber menu) Locked
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Feb 17 2016 Anchor

So, I like the mod. Though one of the problems I have with it is, why are the console commands basically all removed? The menu version of the spawning command is clunky and takes a long time to cycle through. Plus the fact that all NPC's spawned this way are placed not even a foot away. It all seems kinda pointless to disable the console commands which would make character spawning alot easier. This, and other commands like god mode, noclip, and disabling AI would allow alot more freedom for adding NPCs to the so far empty and barren maps added by the mod.

Further, I'd like if there was a way to open the lightsaber menu without having to start a whole new game and going through the cutscenes. It makes changing characters kind of a pain when you can't change other aspects on the same level of accessibility. That, and it will also be nice to just open the menu and say "hey, I want this color now" or "Now I want to try a saberstaff", etc.

Otherwise I think it's a fantastic mod. The way the combat as a whole functions is so great, I just wish it was easier to use in a singleplayer sense.

Feb 25 2016 Anchor

I agree pretty much with what you say, altough the mod still has to perfect the sabersystem and could grow stronger if there was more difference between characters in MP.

The game lacks some things, but it still is the best SW mod/game out there (much better than any other game you can encounter) and no doubt the best swordplaying game out of here. The guard attacks are really a good thing, in fact.

Even though, I think the mod and the game itself are a bit outdated. If we saw this mod and this game with the today technology. Or even with the technology from 5 years ago... Well... no doubt it would be an amazing experience. We should remember this game is from the 2003, and the physics are a little bit clunky. Imagine what would we have with the new generation physics. The change from PS2 to PS3 changed many things physic related, specially to games as FIFA, or driving games, but also to shooters, that became more tactical, faster and deadlier. Aswell, fighting games and all games related with collision between sabers, etc, would now have a big jump forward.

The problem now is that every sword game in SP is a Hack n Slash, but not a duel'em up, or an adventure game, as Jedi Knight or, many of you will know it, "Blade: The edge of Darkness", also known as "Severance: The edge of darkness". In fact has many mods here in mod db. If we were able to pick back that spirit of Jedi Knight or Blade... 4 basic pilars. Exploration, evolved and difficult combat (which this mod empathizes), some kind of rp leveling but without loosing the focus on the skill in combat, and storytelling. With this 4 basics and an open world, you would have one of the best games in the story.

If we could only see it...

Serenity, I summon you... Start testing Unreal Engine, and see if you can pass this game up to Unreal Engine.

Mar 31 2016 Anchor

Please do restore console commands pleaaaaase :O


I eat lightsaber edges for breakfast. And yes: I do trust my darkside.

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