Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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Feb 10 2016 Anchor


OK, so I had a somewhat difficult time with the singleplayer portion of the mod, until I learned of the tutorial video on YouTube. After watching the video, I was somewhat better with the mod than before. My suggestion here is that not only is the Tutorial video updated and adds in more details and simplified explanations on advanced moves, but is also clearly posted on the mod page here on moddb.com and an updated link is placed in the game files. The link currently provided with the mod leads to an unavailable page with a 403 error page.

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MattFiler Developer
Feb 11 2016 Anchor


which link is giving you a 403 error?

Also in regards to the tutorial video, the idea is that it teaches you the basics of the blocking, etc and then by playing you eventually learn the advanced moves yourself. It's designed to create a form of progression to allow everyone to learn different special moves (there are many) and attack in different ways.


Feb 11 2016 Anchor

Hey Matt, thanks for replying.

The link that gives me a 403 Forbidden error is Eociv.mattfilerfilms.co.uk. It's located under the Helpful Links folder of the Evolution of Combat IV folder of the GameData Folder. The YouTube link does not take me to the channel which hosts the Tutorial video; instead, it takes me to the Evolution of Combat channel which only has trailers. If you could, please post the tutorial video link on the front page for users to see.

Thanks for the quick clarification (but I realized that while watching it). What I mean is that you update the video by fixing typos and by adding in a bit more details for each section. For the advanced moves, it's nice that you have them hidden for balance's sake, but at least throw in a few more advanced moves that build up to even further advanced moves; otherwise, most people will possibly figure out the same moves and just use those (I'm not trying to imply everywhere one here, just an idea of what COULD happen)

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