Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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Apr 12 2016 Anchor

I noticed these in the last patch, but am still having the same errors. I have provided a list of all the affected maps below, which were run in single player.

Missing Skybox (AFAIK): Droid Control Ship, Kamino, Kamino Landing, Geonosis Arena, Battle of Geonosis, Geonosis Hangar, Jedi Council, Jedi Temple, Jedi Archives, Mos Eisley Cantina, Endor Landing, Battle of Endor, Ewok Village, FC Academy Hangar, Star Destroyer Hangar.

Other Missing Textures: Jabba's Palace (landspeeder at spawn has no texture), Falcon Desert (ground is textureless), Gas Mine (floating textureless platform).

Strange Red Haze that is impossible to see through (not exactly missing textures, but I noticed it while testing): Battle of Hoth, Rift of Shadows.

Kamino Landing has strange black tearing through space-time (also the skybox is textureless, and the bridge I spawned on as well).

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