Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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Known bugs to the momment (SP VERSION). (Games : Star Wars: Jedi Academy : Mods : Evolution of Combat IV : Forum : Bugs : Known bugs to the momment (SP VERSION).) Locked
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Dec 16 2015 Anchor

Already encountered bugs in SP Version. Tavion in the training pit ends up stucking spamming the force lightning. In some maps, you start without powers, if you pick Jedi Master you are given a couple of powers and 100 Force points. It would be better if it applyed the character you're currently holding. More... Vader grip doesn't work.

2 More related to the system page where you can pick your character. When you pick a new character, the mouse2 key is automatic set to the alt attack, it means the saber throw. Is a mess to be forced to change it each time you change the character. And a last known bug, is that when I navegate through some characters, it ends up freezed in one, and then the menu buttons as apply settings or confirming (buttons yes/no) when closing the game/go to menu don't work.

I think I haven't found any other bugs till the momment. I'll report any other irregularity.

Dec 17 2015 Anchor

There is also a bug on the Jedi Academy Yavin training map. When you get to the end Luke does not show up so it`s stuck froze with the rain coming down. Your character, Kyle and Rosh standing around.

Dec 17 2015 Anchor

Single player seems to be waaay different for some reason. Some of the dialogue seems to be changed and doesn't make much sense. I also, don't care for the addition of battle droids, but that's just me. A version of the campaign unaltered but with the new system would be AWESOME, but I won't hold my breath or anything. Also the effects of weapons works only half the time. Most of the time lasers don't appear, making things seem off. Especially grenades, grenades are always invisible, I hear the beeping but all I can do is run like hell because I can't see them. I usually die many times to a nade thrower because of this. The effects things is really annoying. Also progression through JA campaign seems weird, you don't choose the level and your force powers don't really progress. and sometimes you start a level with no force power at all (Hoth) just goes away. Another thing that kiiinda gets on my nerves is getting wrecked by stormtrooper at close range lmao. If there are two or more??? They just kick me to the ground then shoot me OR two of them kick me at the same time and i insta die. I would like an unaltered campaign for both games, with JA's level selection and gradual force progression, but I understand that's asking a lot. But hey maybe in the future.

Two levels were unable to be completed. The level on tattooine where chewie follows you just doesn't seem to work after a certain point your objectives stop updating and there is nowhere to go. The other level was the rescue mission on the prison level. The one where the prisoners are forced to run from a rancor. Well the cutscene starts but when your characters says "A rancor??" And looks to see it reveal itself it just never shows up and the level cannot continue.

I can't think of any other SP stuff at the moment will post more thoughts when I... well think those thoughts XD or notice more bugs/errors or levels that stop working.

EDIT #1 Vajun part 3 fighting Rosh causes frequent crashing. Haven't made it through without crashing yet.

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Dec 18 2015 Anchor

Gog version needs serious attention.

- Random lockups during in-engine cutscenes, Luke is almost entirely absent, characters just standing around.

- The howlers at the start of the sp campaign are randomly replaced with shadowtroopers.

- Rosh turns on me and I fail (I'm not attacking him or doing anything remotely threatening to him, I've even had this with my lightsaber sheathed).

- I have to attack the enemies incredibly quickly so Rosh doesn't die.


Why is Rosh wearing a Jedi Robe? He's not a Jedi, at the start he's on the way TO the academy, where'd he get the robe from?

Dec 18 2015 Anchor

and the c3po head is wrong,same with the white version


Dec 18 2015 Anchor

The lightning is bugged not only with tavion, aswell with Palpatine and, I assume, with any other character that uses force lightning. The bug is the persistence of the lightning FX when the character actually stopped using the power. Aswell, this bug may get the npc stucked without moving or trying to attack. Aswell, when trying to block the lightning with the saber, I don't see my life going down, but the special FX of the saber absorbing the ray doesn't display.

Smartos2, you are right, but I guess that is not a bug but a modeling problem, or something. Anyway, EoC itself has proved to evolve once again and feature a solid saber system, that each time solidifies even more, in fact. What EoC needs now is to correct some bugs that, in theory, should have been found in the beta, but it haven't.

Moar bugs. This regarding to the saber color of the enemy npc related to the force he has. First, the color degradation does not work, it has two positions. Full or depleted. Aswell, when the enemy get's its saber colorless, when he deplets his Force, the saber doesn't get it's color again.

So, my opinion? Remove this feature. It gives too much of a tactical advantage, it is not canon since that did not happen in Star Wars films, movies, etc., and people should be able to know when to press in the attack just by looking at the enemies reaction, since it is too dangerous to keep the fight with low fp's, he will try to retract, and then you can follow him. However, this could be used as a trap aswell, and it would be the players job to find out when is a trap and when not.

If you add to this the fact that by meditating or even crouching, you replace your foce 1'5X, then you will know when an enemy is at low FP, even if his saber does not show it.

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Couldn't load game

Crash in the single player. Occurs randomly.

About the single player campaign, I have found a hidden bug. When I pass the first shadowtrooper and get to the river, where there is the second tree you have to cut to go up to a rock; when Ross crosses the river to the tree side, starts attacking me without reason and the game later stops as if I had turned on my allys, when is pretty much the opposite.

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Feb 6 2016 Anchor

My lord is single player a mess! There are crashes that occur randomly throughout. There are the crashes from using Force Lightning. The menus don't work sometimes. The first person view is a bit bugged depending on which true view mode you have on (for me it was the trueview roll at 100%). Dismemberment never stays on; I have to go to the menu and turn it on. On levels like the Academy level on Yavin in JA where I have to use force push to knock down the wall, the wall will not go down when hit with force push. From time to time when applying a character, the powers may not actually be applied. In Kejim, the locked (red) doors will still open (they may already do that, I don't remember). I don't know if this is a bug or not but force power does not regen while moving (if that's intentional, then it's ok.) Not all of the cheats are usable for some reason (again, if this isn't a bug and intentional, that's fine, but please at least enable the noclip cheat just in case the players may need it.) Hopefully these bugs will be fixed and make EOC IV amazing!

Feb 9 2016 Anchor

i'm stuck in a mission in Singleplay where i need to eliminate all threat but one Enemy spawn behind the door and decide not to come out. the door won't open for me. So it's me and Chewie Running around trying to get that guy for half an hour, unsuccessfully.

I tried to use noclip but it doesn't seem to work. then i try again (Menu > select mission > select the same misson). now i enter the mission with 1 lightsaber and no forcepower and no weapon. and, of course, non of the cheat works. i couldn't give myself anything.

Also. For some reason, The NPC Walk very slow. and that cause many scripted cinematic to go wrong. i think it's one of the reason some NPC stuck behind the door. I've seen it where they walk to the door (very slow) and the door closed on them then they cannot get in. Some Cinematic scene stuck there and need to press skip to get through the scene.

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