Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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EOC IV files won't showup in GameData folder and I tried everything! (Games : Star Wars: Jedi Academy : Mods : Evolution of Combat IV : Forum : Bugs : EOC IV files won't showup in GameData folder and I tried everything!) Locked
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Feb 5 2016 Anchor

I recently installed the game a month ago and it worked fine, up until the mod needed to be updated and that's when the problems started. I couldn't install the updater properly and it always said that I needed to make sure it was installed correctly. So, I decided to remove the WHOLE jedi academy folder and use my backup data without the mod. When I got my backup data, I proceeded to install the mod but guess what the files never appeared in the folder absolutely nothing take not that it was ran on Administrator but it never installed. Like the Part 1 and Part 2 files never appeared like it would load and say all files are extracted but no files show up on the folder in Game Data. Any tips?

Feb 10 2016 Anchor

You are attempting to install the "update launcher" without the core mod files. I know this because I did it by accident the other day while re-installing after playing movie battles 2. The launcher also DOES NOT INSTALL TO THE CORRECT PATH (Wtf guys, come on)

1) Uninstall the game completely from steam or gog.

2) Navigate to the directory, and you will notice jedi knight: jedi academy is still there. Delete the folder.

3) Re-install the game.

4) Install the mod into a file on your desktop (I do this because the installer consistently makes a new GAME DATA folder inside the actual GAME DATA folder.

5) Manually place the files into your GAME DATA folder.

6) Run the game, and it will update to the latest version.

MattFiler Developer
Feb 10 2016 Anchor
shacalboltx wrote:

The launcher also DOES NOT INSTALL TO THE CORRECT PATH (Wtf guys, come on)

I'm not sure where you got this idea from. The launcher allows you to choose the install location, so if it's installed to the wrong folder then it is user error.

Feb 12 2016 Anchor

The instructions state to direct to game data folder, which then creates a Game data folder inside the game data folder causing the mod to prompt faulty installation. This was a problem with the two updates to EOC III as well.

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