Europa ad Bellum is an ambitious Bannerlord mod set in the late 1200s to the mid 1500s. We hope to create a fictitious medieval world spanning from the Isles of Britain to the deserts of the Holy Land .

As always, we are looking for (3d modellers , scene makers , and xml editors ) to help further the mod.

Feel free to check out the mod development in discord ( Discord.gg )

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Europa ad Bellum

News 12 comments

Second state of the mod

Hi everybody, welcome to a new dev progress about Europa at Bellum, we are glad to show you the progress that has been made and what we are currently working on.

To start, here is a list of what will be shown downside :

-new models & diversity & variations

- realistic aspect

- new features

- Armor and their impact in combat :

- troop trees

- a bit about mapping

- Cultural start and subcultures

- finishing campaign map

- new faith feature for bannerking

Where we begin? We have been working hard on brand new models! Our final goal is to have a good diversity of armours and weapons from unique units in the game.

Models & diversity & variations

Here are the French Banneret with all his variants!

Here are the English minor knights (early) !

You can also see on the two picture beside that all armour pieces are separated and you can see that we have included banner variations for armour, it's important to mention that all armour pieces are independent from the body !

Here are pictures of the English household knight (top) and the French chef de guerre ! (bottom)

Here you can see that we have no clipping with the scarf and the helmet .

We went through lots of testing about shoulder armours, to fix the clipping and add lots of diversity, so the players will have lots of choice to customize their own character .

Here are some captures of our testing, and you can see it was a great success !

Helmet & aventail & armour

Cape & helmet & armour

We’ve also worked on armour variations depending on the culture, the two pictures below show two units equivalent, one is from Lorraine, the other from England, you can see quite a difference between equivalent units of different cultures .

The two first ones are sergeant troops from late age :

The low tier units are here :

We got also lots of diversity for early units and their equivalents for western factions :

Also we have finished reworking some troops, here is the elite of french knight, the Chevalier à pennon for french (early) :

And in comparison, a Toulouse knight (late) :

For knight lovers, we got something for you :

Left Gendarme, middle left Conquistador, middle right Condottiero Ducale, Right Tudor Knight

If you are curious about how units are rendering in game, let me show you some in-game footage of armours and units :

What about the horses ? Well we have created some armour models and resized the horse for a more realistic aspect !

Models of caparison :

Realistic aspect

Our team worked hard and are still working on the realistic aspect, our final goal is to have a true historical reproduction of medieval era in the game , to add more in depth realism, we have worked on multiple aspects

Blood reflection on armours :

Visual with horse size :

The horse size reference are here :

About the armour, we have successfully made armour and weapons realistic, as an example, it will be extremely hard to take down a knight with plate armour with sword, only maces will be really effective, same for arrows and crossbow, we have worked hard to figure out a realistic aspect for armours and weapons, also we have adapted the price, mid/late game equipment and armour are extremely costly and can’t be bought from the start of the game if you have not enough money .

Finally! After all these new screens and models that I present you, I can show you how the full English roster looks like, from the early era to the mid/late era :

England roster (early era) :

English roster (mid/late era) :

And I got a surprise for you ! Let me present you the king of England and his retinue !

Kings & retinues

We forget to tell you that all kings and distinct heroes will have their own armours, kings will be clearly distinct from other units ! I can present you some kings and heroes we made :

Here is the mighty Alfonso X the Wise, King of Castille, León and Galicia :

Following by France medieval leader ,

Starting first with Louis the Saint and his royal retinue !

Here is one of the most well know duke of medieval times, let me show you Philip of Burgundy!

We have not forgotten the others ! In the south, located between Spanish kingdoms and Kingdom of France, let me introduce the magnificent Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse :

And in the north, leader of one of the more resilient people! Here is Robert III, Count of Flanders

And back in England. The Scottish are holding, and one king can represent the Scottish resistance ! This is the famous Robert the Bruce :

Years passed, and a new well known figure is here to represent England and particularly Aquitania, It's Edward the Black Prince and his retinue ( also the new yeomen guard design) :

So let me explain you something, we have worked hard to put difference between cultures' visual aspects, I show you only little parts, we have done a lot more than what I showed above.

Troop trees

We are mainly working on western troop trees, we have continued to work hard to add lots of units and even have their names translated in their own languages ( Spanish troop tree is in Spanish and regional languages, Toulouse troop tree is in Occitan)

Here is the list of all troop trees done so far :

I know you want to see some troop trees in detail so here is the French troop tree, the Portuguese one and the Scottish one ;

France troop tree :

Light Green : Archers

Green : crossbowman troops

Dark green : heavy crossbowman

Orange : Mounted ranged troops

Blue : infantry

Cyan : pikeman

Dark blue : heavy infantry

Red : Cav

Dark Red : heavy cavalry

Here is Portugal :

And Scotland :

Mapping & mappers needed

We are starting to produce and create some maps for the mod, we are still struggling with details and decorations and we have not fully worked on maps yet , we are really in need of mappers for the mod so we can advance quicker and improve the mod (if you are a mapper and are willing to help us, don't hesitate to contact us on the discord)

That's what we are currently doing so far (remember those maps are only test) :

Testing and comparing the size of castle :

Attempt of bocage and natural landscape :

Cultural start and subcultures

We are still working on culture, as I explained in the latest news, all cultures will have different bonus and malus, the subcultures as well, that will make a lot more reflexion for choosing a culture, and will change the campaign a bit.

We have also done new cultural start as you can see below :

Campaign map

We are also still working on campaign map, mainly about reposition and replace the locations in their correct places :

We are also projecting to move some locations to get a better spatial planning of the map

And we are working also on the visual aspect :

Bannerking features


Some might know, but the mod will include lot of Bannerking features on its own aspect, EAB will have its own versions of Bannerking features, and actually, we are working on implanting faith

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

News 10 comments

The current state of the mod and road map ! You can see a list of troop trees, work which is already done, what we are going to do next.



Feature 3 comments

hey bannerlords , in this article we will introduce you about mod and and it's features . and will do give a short introduction about the team .

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Can you guys release the mod Ik its dead but idc if it has some bugs

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Discord is dead, how about the development of this mod? I pray to god this isn't abandoned :(

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Is this mod still alive?

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It's fairly clear that this mod is never going to come out; and if it does Taleworld will add a 3kb update or new patch that invalidates it.

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This mod will be utterly legendary,can´t wait!

Hope you are successful,plz don´t let this marvel die, remember, better unfinished, where others can pick this marvel up,than dead.

Best wishes to you, you are the true heroes of the gaming community!

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Your job is absolutly fantastic it brings history to life :)
Suggestion : maybe focus on gameplay and map, so we players have a chance to see your game before 2030 :) You will focus on armor details after ....

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