A fan-produced mod that RWS included in its Fudge Pack compilation. Using the basic Postal 2 engine and elements, the game features completely new maps and a horror-based storyline that puts the player into the role of an escapee from a mental asylum similar to Manhunt 2. The zombies from Apocalypse Weekend play a major role in this modification, including a brand-new zombie (exclusive to Eternal Damnation) that resembles the plastinates of Body Worlds.

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Take Manhunt > remove stealth mechanics > put it in first person > give it a scary, Silent Hill-esque atmosphere.
That pretty much sums up Eternal Damnation. Awesome mod, a must have for anyone who owns Postal 2!

This will work with the Steam version, by the way. First, install Share the Pain MP (it can be downloaded from Mod DB). By default, it will want to install to C:/Program Files (x86)/Postal2STP. Install it there, rather than in the Postal 2 folder. Then, download and install Eternal Damnation to the same folder. It will ask if you want to create a desktop shortcut: say yes.
Optional: when finished, open Steam and select "Games" in the top left corner, then click "Add a non-Steam game to my library. Select "Browse," then select the shortcut. Under your game library, you'll find ED and can launch the game from there.



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Out of all the Postal 2 mods I've played, Only three have really made the biggest impression on me:Postal 2 AWP, A Very Postal Christmas, and Eternal Damnation.

Eternal Damnation puts you in control of John Murray, A Ordinary man who has been locked up in an asylum for killing the man who harassed his GirlFriend, It is on one day that a patient in the Asylum escapes and starts killing the staff, allowing John to escape.

The mod is the pre-cursor the to violent decapitations, and gore of A Week In Paradise, Eternal Damnation has various unusual but effective weapons like Hedge Clippers, A Chainsaw, Spray Can-Lighter Flamethrower, and A Hammer.

The mod also features a killer soundtrack from neurological, while having original voice acting by the mods makers.


awesome mod converst the postal2 crazyness in pure terror


StrategistofMetal says

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One of the best Postal 2 mods by far. The detailed levels and lack of bugs make this game easier to run than all other Postal 2 mods I have played. Contains the gore, sick humor, and violence worthy of the game it was modded for. P.S. Don't play this around ur gf or family (contains nudity)


BerCeb says

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An awesome game, I recommend it very much


Love Postal 2 and the Mod, thanks greatly to the developers!


Mateos says

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Eternal Damnation, one of the best mods, included for this reason in the Fudge Pack :)

Never had troubles with installers/patches to run it on Windows XP PC and on Windows 7 Laptop.

The gameplay is fun, music fits very well (Thanks to Neurological, check his work on Dead Epidemic mod for Land Of The Dead as well!), the level design very well done, and AI not too bad.

Played it 3 times... For these reasons, 10/10.


So much fun was had when I first played this mod! Back then I only had the Apocalypse Weekend Expansion Pak to add to the fun of Postal 2. Now, I can finally have even more fun!

So much fun was had when I first played this mod! back then I only had Apocalypse Weekend to add to the fun of Postal 2.

Update: Whoever disagreed with my review can suck my ****!