This is a new single player mission for Jedi Academy. It utilizes models, skins,
and saber models that I found interested from the over the past
year or so. The bits posted by other authors have been stripped down to their
bare minimum, to keep the size of this mod down as much as possible.

Some highlights:
- New and different opponents / challenges in each level of the game
- Custom SP maps (13 in all including 2 bonus and 1 cinematic level)
- Custom missions with helper NPC's
- Custom menus including saber descriptions
- Custom saber models
- Custom saber abilities
- Custom sounds and sound effects
- Custom music
- Custom visual effects
- Custom weapon effects
- Custom skins
- Custom cinematics (almost an hours worth throughout the game)
- Custom HUD
- Custom objectives (43 in all)
- Secret areas included in nearly all the maps
- Powerful sabers and force abilities from the beginning
- Several opportunities to upgrade / replace your sabers
- Over 20 new opponents with varying levels of difficulty
- Approximately 10-14 hours of challenging game play

This starts out pretty much where Jedi Academy left off. It assumes you chose
'the dark side', stole the scepter, and went on your way of domination. Because
of your dark ways, what was left of the imperial and rebel forces were destroyed
by bands of cultists and other dark jedi.
A powerful Sith gathered followers (called loyalists) and made a deal with you.
Hand over the scepter, or die. Your life was spared, but the scepter is now in
the hands of the Sith. He threw you in prison cell buried in the rugged mountains
on the planet moon of Yavin to rot. Your force powers faded as the sith
dominated planet after planet. You home is the last to be overthrown.
In a deperate attempt to contact you, the queen from your home planet used her
telepathic ability to send you a message. Your force powers have faded to the
point where you can't receive the distress call.
After years of meditation, you realize the error in your ways and wish to seek
revenge on the Sith. An accident gives you a chance to escape. And this is
where story begins...

In all, there are 13 levels (1 is a cinematic level only and two are 'bonus'
levels that give you a chance to upgrade sabers). Each of the levels have
anywhere from 3-8 objectives that must be fullfilled before proceeding. To
estimate the length of the mod, from start to finish is probably somewhere
between 10 and 14 hours. This entire mod is one very long mission broken up
into 13 maps. The opponents get progressively more difficult (although your
force powers and your opportunity for saber upgrades keeps the playing field
somewhat fair) throughout the game.
One hint: keep a close eye on your cursor for things to push or break -- it
is sometimes required to continue on with the level. You may want to turn on
force hint in your config (cg_crosshairForceHint) if you can't work things out.
Enough said -- you can figure out the rest.
Someone wrote a fan fiction story about it soon after its release.

see readme for more details
by Darrow Linder

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Guest - - 692,125 comments

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Mongolranger - - 224 comments

Everything works well on the GoG version, easy install. Excited to play through this. It feel like a whole new game. Excellent quality right off the bat.

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CarlosU - - 1 comments

Hi, thanks for the mod, the best of the best. I am having a problem, I was playing it through all perfectly without any issue until I get to the bonus level for the upgrade saber. When I pass through the door you open at the caves level I start seeing the Jedi Council scene and after some seconds of conversation the scene gets buged. They dont finish the conversation never and I cant continue my game from there. I tryed passing the scene but it crashes. Why this happen? It seems a problem with the scene level Jedi Council.

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alexa1591 - - 10 comments

How do you install this mod, a little help would be greatly appreciated

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joelope - - 2 comments

So freaking hard but awesome!

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danielmratliff21 - - 3 comments

Need a walkthrough

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Asild - - 3 comments

Insanely awesome mod ! 10 years after the release it is still the best mod i played on JK3. The fact that you have to collect sabers to get more powerful ones is great and storyline is really good. I'm having small issue though, when using only one saber, after selecting fast saber mode it's not possible to come back to medium or strong saber mode. Other than that this mod is 200% amazing. Many thanks to the author. Don't hesitate just download it !

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PLZnoMORE - - 1 comments

I remember playing it in middle school, awesome! But wich one i should play first Escape Yavin lV or Lost maps?

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Guest - - 692,125 comments

HOW do you install the game/file once downloaded?

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