Eras of the Mercenaries is intended to enhance the gameplay of Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption by adding in dozens of era specific units, heroes, GCs, and mercenaries. Units will range from the end of the Clone Wars to the Second Galactic Civil War (40aby).

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As you all know, making a mod isn't easy, especially working alone.

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The simple truth of it is that I'm way over my head. The original build of the mod took over two years to develop, and that only brought the progress bar to 55%. Unfortunately, those two years went down the drain when the mod was lost. Now I'm attempting to have a decent new Beta version for you guys by Christmas, but I'm starting to think my rushing has gotten to me. Nothing's gone wrong exactly, it's just that I feel like the mod would benefit from a scaling down. At least for the first Beta... this leads to its own problems: A single tech level in this mod represents an era of technology in the Star Wars Universe, so if I were to scale down the mod, I'd have to purposefully cut tech levels from the game until i add them back in later releases. This would cause a lot of complications, and unfortunately I'm not even sure how the AI can handle the new tech system.

Regardless, as of right about now, I've made up my mind to begin development on a sort of mini-mod... something to set the framework for the mod I want further down the road.

Shadows of Dissension: The Background

This project will be called Shadows of Dissension, and will cover the time period from around 18 BBY to 1 BBY. Because of the time period, you will see recognizable figures such as Starkiller in the Rogue Shadow, Nym and his Lok Revenants, Gizor Delso with his Droid Army, Vader with the 501st Legion, and Rahm Kota with his Militia.

Since the mod will begin before the formation of the "official" Rebellion, your job (if you choose the Alliance) will be to build a ragtag fleet consisting of all the unique units and mercenaries available to you. As the Underworld, you will control a sort of "dark" Rebellion, which will feature less pleasant characters who share no love for the Empire, such as Gizor Delso, the Hutts, Xizor, etc. Finally, the Empire will rely on its large amount of Heroes and Fleet bonuses, as well as their ability to build the Prototype Deathstar and the first Deathstar.

SoD WANTS YOU! Well, kinda...

SoD (Shadows of Dissension)'s development will stall ETM's development (at least for now). Think of this as backtracking, I will increase the quality of the mod, little by little, and as more releases come, more unique material will appear. However, for this to happen in the span of a few months, I will need some help... no i don't need a mod team, nor do I want one, it just leads to confusion and disagreement many times. However, this is alot of work to consider, and I wont be able to achieve anything without support from the community. I'm asking that if anyone has experience they are willing to donate, let me know and I will see if it can help me at some point. What I'm really looking for at this point is a mapper (with SOME skill), and maybe some voice actors (preferably with some talent as well). If you happen to have some modelling or texturing skill, or any of those more sought after talents, dont hesitate to contact me as well. I usually do the brunt of the work for this mod myself, but it'd be nice to have someone to share the workload with at some point.

Also, sign up for discussions in the forum, the more the merrier!


I can probably help with the mapping, look at my profile images of the maps

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