Endless Summer — is an original global modification for GTA: San Andreas, the purpose of which — with the head immerse you into the atmosphere of summer freedom and carelessness. Updated (2013) version.

RSS Full Edition: ReadMe and augmented documentation (incl. Gameplay)

Here you can read ReadMe (ReadMe_EN.txt) from Endless Summer: Full Edition (version that contains base mod and all updates).

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Also here you can read augmented documentation — ReadMe_EN.txt and Gameplay_EN.txt. These files originally appear in base mod, with each update them became more and more, because features from updates were added in these files too.

Full wrote:

Endless Summer: Full Edition


1. Description
1.1. About updated version of Full Edition
2. Install
3. Hints and tips
4. Authors


This is — an updated Endless Summer: Full Edition!

Full Edition contains base Endless Summer mod and three updates for it («Summer Continues», «The Real Hunting», «Treasures of Sea Wolf»).

Modification is installing easily and simply, already in full completion. Just run installer and after few minutes you will immerse into
the wonderful atmosphere of this unique mod!


Endless Summer — modification for GTA San Andreas dedicated to the summertime.

Originally mod, three updates for it and Full Edition were released in 2011. In 2013 it was decided to update mod, by making the new editions
(were added many improvements — without changing of the essence — and was made new English localization). Now you can enjoy and updated Full Edition.

Endless Summer is beautiful, stable and high-performance as never before.


1.1. About updated version of Full Edition

In this section information for those, who want to know more.

As was said before, originally Endless Summer, updates and Full Edition were released in 2011. In 2013 it was decided to release the new edition of mod.
Mainly for release mod on Mod DB with new quality English translation, but this all is not confined: were made a lot of other changes, beginning from
reworking of textures and fixing the old roughness, and ending with added LQ textures pack and better compatibility with last Windows versions.

This, updated edition of Full Edition — is the result of merging updated edition of base mod and updated editions of three updates.

To understand the difference between updated Full Edition (2013) and Full Edition 2011 it is needed to understand, what was made in the updated versions of mod
and all three updates. For this read instructions.

* \Endless Summer\ReadMe_EN.txt — in this file you can read the advanced main instruction;

* \Endless Summer\Update 1\ReadMe_EN.txt — in this file you can read about things that were added in Update 1 and in its updated edition;

* ...Update 2\ReadMe_EN.txt and ...Update 3\ReadMe_EN.txt — here you can read about what was added to Endless Summer in updates 2 and 3 and about its updated editions.

After reading these instructions, you will realize what is Endless Summer: Full Edition.


Installation is extremely simple. It would be better if you disable before anti-virus and firewall — they can corrupt the extraction of files. Prepare clean, without other
mods, copy of GTA San Andreas game.

Open Setup.exe. Select the game folder. Install.

During the installation do not close appearing windows.


* Before the installation you may make copy of game, because automatically uninstall is not implemented.

* If installer (if you install the mod from Windows 7 or 8) gives the message about the incompatibility with Windows 7 / 8, set in the properties of the Setup.exe compatibility
with Windows Vista or XP (unzip the installer, right click on the icon, open the «Properties»).

* On Windows Vista, 7, 8 run game only in compatibility (with Windows XP) mode. If you have some problems with game on these operation systems, see
«Bonus\Compatibility with Windows Vista, 7, 8» folder.

* After installation you can run mod from old shortcut and from the new shortcut that will appear on the desktop.

* If you have not very powerful PC and game works slow or spontaneously closes in places with new objects or textures, install the pack of low quality textures from «Bonus» folder.

* Unlike the base Endless Summer, Full Edition version is not designed for compatibility with HRT Pack 1.3 (with autoinstallation); you can try to combine Full Edition with
HRT Pack 1.3 with manual installation (https://moddb.com/mods/hrt-pack-13-enhanced-edition). But always reliable, if mod installed over the clean game.

* After passing the pirate quest, for some clarification you may need the translation of song; you can find it in \Pirate. But note that this is a kind of spoiler!

* Do not forget to read the documentation of the mod (\ReadMe\Endless Summer). There you will find answers to your questions.


We strongly ask you not to change the contents of archive and point out authors while posting on sites. Distribute freely.

* Flame — idea of the mod, visual changes, textures, models, sounds, weapons, story of quest, other.
* Izerli — programming of the scripts;
* Black Stallion — girls models, animals.

* V. — help with the new English edition — documentation editing and translating of in-game texts.

Included some third-party elements, see for details \ReadMe\Endless Summer\ReadMe_EN.txt.

Thanks for reading this file and download.

December 2011
October 2013 (updated version)

Endless wrote:

Endless Summer

Basic information (details in ReadMe_RU.txt, in Russian). Augmented (including changes that were made in Update 1, Update 2 and Update 3) instruction.


1.1. Hints and tips in gameplay you can see in Gameplay_EN.txt.


1.2. Performance problems

On some computers can be performance problems. To solve them, try to find the optimal graphics settings through ENBSelector (enb_selector.exe in game folder).

ENBSelector menu is on the Russian language. Meaning of buttons:

«Высокие» — High;
«Средние» — Medium;
«Низкие» — Low;
«Очень низкие» — Very low;
«Отключить траву» — Disable mapping of the grass.

Also do not forget about options menu in the game: disable, for a start, anti-aliasing and vertical synchronization — it will give a nice speed boost.

Finally, you can install low resolution textures pack from «Bonus» folder from archive with mod.


1.3. Other problems, tips

* For compatibility with Windows Vista, 7 or 8: run game in compatibility (with Windows XP) mode (set it in Properties of shortcut).
If you have some other problems — see folder «Compatibility with Windows Vista, 7, 8» in «Bonus» folder in the archive with mod.

* If game seems too bright, make the brightness settings lower (Options > Display).

* If after minimizing sounds of nature or music on the beach continue to play, you have minimized the game not properly. Before minimizing press ESC.

* If game displays a windows about the lack of DLL-files, see «Bonus» folder archive with mod.

* On testing we observed a rare small bug (?) in a Beach Party script: the music on the beach doesn't always play. Can help minimizing and maximizing the game
(no more than once, or two songs will be playing in parallel), you also can just remove the script (file beach.cs from CLEO folder).

* Sometimes the scripts do not work before you reboot computer (if the computer was used for a very long time without reboot), this is rarely seen feature of CLEO library.

* CLEO 4 library has some sound issues: sometimes sounds are disappearing. Set basic acceleration of sound or disable it, in dxdiag utility (Start menu > Run > dxdiag).

* How to disable ENBSeries graphic library: open enbseries.ini in game folder; change «1» to «0» near «UseEffect» parameter.

Also see thread on GTAForums about the mod (http://gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=527073) and Mod DB page (https://moddb.com/mods/endless-summer).


* Hundreds of fully reworked textures of location and minor objects (on Map.gif places with new textures are marked with green).
All textures are photorealistic;

* New timecyc.dat;

* New particle effects;

* More people on the streets;

* On location you can find a lot of new objects;

* There are several new types of clothing (more info in Gameplay_EN.txt);

* New weapons — hunter's knife, wooden stick and hunter's rifle (added in Update 1);

* New girls models, some new pedestrians;

* Animals in the forest (two species of wolves, bears, black bears (added in Update 1) and foxes (added in Update 2);

* Using ENBSeries (v0.076; by Boris Vorontsov) with new graphic setting that was made special for Endless Summer. Also made special menu for graphic adjusting;

* A lot of new CLEO-scripts written special for mod, that add new features to the game (see Gameplay_EN.txt for details):

** Summer sounds of nature;
** «The Hunt»;
** «Hunter's House»;
** «Attic» (added in Update 2);
** «Tent 2.0»;
** «Pavilion»;
** «Umbrellas»;
** «Chicken»;
** «Ferris Wheel»;
** «Beach Party»;
** «Sleep in Journey» («Journey HD»);
** «Dancing on the party» (added in Update 1);
** «Bar»;
** «Mystery of Palomino Creek»;
** «Treasures of Sea Wolf» (added in Update 3);
** Weapons pickups and some other scripts.

* A lot of Easter Eggs;

... And other innovations.

Used mods by other authors: Project Oblivion 2010HQ by kromvel and Black Hole, PedSwimFix by Alexander Blade, Project Reality by dinuxx, HQ Radar Icons by yojo2; some models are based on
free distributing models. Thanks to authors.


Endless Summer

Base mod
Originally released: September 2011 | New edition*: July 2013

Update 1
Originally released: September 2011 | New edition**: July 2013

Update 2
Originally released: October 2011 | New edition***: August 2013

Update 3
Originally released: November 2011 | New edition****: October 2013

Full Edition
Originally released: December 2011 | New edition: October 2013

* Version with new English translation, included fix (has been released in December 2011 as «Fix for Spring Season, Endless Summer and Autumn Sunshine»;
patch fixed problem with crashes of the game when you use original grass parameter), memory512 script instead of SA Stream Fix and some other little fixes
(for example, «Mystery of Palomino Creek» script was improved) made for release on Mod DB in June 2013.

** For new edition of Update 1 have been written completely new English documentation, added English textures for game in arcade machine (in Hunter's House),
added MIP-maps (this optimization reduces the load on the graphics card and helped to get rid from blinking of textures) on all new textures from Update 1
and some heavy textures from base mod; made some little changes.

*** For new edition of Update 2 have been written completely new English documentation; added MIP-maps on all new textures; made new textures (and LOD-textures)
for forest, some parts of countryside and Chilliad mount; little changes.

**** For new edition of Update 3, except completely new English localization, added MIP-maps; added pack of LQ-textures for heavy textures from base mod and textures
from all updates; reworked textures of Hunter's House and other improved textures; better compatibility with Windows Vista, 7 and 8; smaller seaweed for better looks;
not so red sunsets and some other changes.

Gameplay wrote:

Endless Summer

Tips and tricks. Augmented — including changes that were made in Update 1, Update 2 and Update 3.


1. Using scripts
2. New keyboard shortcuts
3. Where to find new clothes
4. Where to find new weapons
5. How to replace music on the beach


The mod has several CLEO-scripts, which provide different opportunities. You can always remove any script simply deleting the file from the \CLEO.

* «The Hunt» (file: hunting.cs). The mod has an opportunity to hunt wolves, bears and foxes. On the map (file Map.gif in \ReadMe\Endless Summer)
places where you can see predators are colored with red.

If a wolf, bear or fox has wounded Carl, he needs to put a bandage on the wound. In the forest you can find the hunters, sometimes they would be with the dog
(do not forget that they are friends for you).

You can offer the hunter to hunt with you, you just need to press G, highlighting him right mouse button. Hunter will accompany you, in addition, he can use your
camera (press Tab to give him camera) to photograph you with the trophy. To «let go» hunter, you need to run away from him far enough.

* «Hunter’s House» (file: domik_buy.cs). In mod there is a small hunter’s house (marked on the map).
House brings a small revenue through that it is used by other hunters as a temporary refuge.

* «Attic in Hunter’s House» (added in Update 2) (file: mystery1.cs; note: same files as for another script). With this script player can enter the attic in Hunter’s House.

* «The House in Bayside» (added in Update 3) (file: domik2_buy.cs). With this script you can buy house in Bayside.

* «Sounds of Nature» (file: nature.cs). This script plays sounds of nature in game.

* «Tent 2.0» (file: palatka.cs). This script allows you to install the tent.

* «Pavilion» (file: pavilion.cs). This script allows you to sit (press E for this) in the garden house, which is located behind Carl’s house in Angel Pine.

* «Fireplace» (file: fireplace.cs). With this script in various parts of the locations you can see people sitting around a bonfire. Hunters also like picnics in the wood.

* «Heat Illness» (file: sun_shot.cs). A script that simulates a sunstroke and deterioration of health because of the intense heat.
To protect from sunstroke, Carl have to wear a cap, drink, ride in vehicles, visit the premises (there are the air-conditioning) or swim in the ocean.

* «Umbrellas» (file: umbrella.cs). With this script, people walking in the rain with umbrellas.

* «Chicken» (file: chicken.сs). At several points in the state you’ll find small pens with chickens and roosters. Sometimes, in some villages, you will hear a rooster’s scream!

* «Ferris Wheel» (file: koleso.cs). This feature allows Carl to ride in the Ferris Wheel (on the beach in Los Santos).
For use go to the ticket office and press E to buy a ticket. When you prove on the top — press E to descend.

* «Beach Party» (file: beach.cs). And because of this you can see incredible party, which will be held with the participation of beautiful girls and hunters.

Also at the party you can see a few guest stars: Orthodox priest from Servants of the God («Божьи служки»), Gay Billy from Ghosts Want Revenge 2 («Призраки жаждут мести 2»)
and the authors («authors») themselves!

Party starts at about 22:00 on Santa Maria beach. In addition, and in the evening and in the day on the beach from the huge speakers will play music.

* «Dancing on the party» (added in Update 1) (file: beach.cs). With this script you can dance on the night beach party. Just stand on the beach near dancing people and press E.

* «Bar» (file: bar.cs). This script adds a bar on the Santa Maria beach. If you want, you can drink. Just go to the bar, and press E.

* «Sleep in Journey» («Journey HD») (file: journey_sleep.cs). In Journey (the travel trailer) you can sleep. To do this press Shift + Y while you are in the car.

* «Mystery of Palomino Creek» and «Treasures of Sea Wolf» (files: mystery1.cs, mystery1b.cs, mystery2.cs) (second script was added in Update 3)

Two story scripts — one, from base mod, it is just prologue and another — the continue of story.
Mysterious story! So mysterious that we can tell nothing.

We just give advice: go to the Hunter’s House and read the newspaper, which is on the table (go to the table and press E).

After passing the pirate quest, for some clarification you may need the translation of song; you can find it in \Pirate. But note that this is a kind of spoiler!

Scripts by other authors:

* «Making fire» (file: fires.cs). This script allows you to make a fire.

* «PedSwimFix» (file: PedSwimFix.cs). Passers do not sink, falling into the water.

There is something interesting in folder «Bonus»!


* Shift + M — bandage.
* P + Shift — install a tent (for save: Y) (install tent only on flat surface).
* Shift + F — make a fire.
* Shift + Y — sleeping & saving (in Journey).
* E — action (read the newspaper, dance, seat in the pavilion, buy the ticket to the Ferris Wheel etc).


In mod Endless Summer there are several kinds of new clothes.

* Black T-Shirt > replace green T-Shirt Eris in Binco.

* White T-Shirt «I love summer» > replace T-Shirt «I love LS» in Binco.

* Two kinds of new camo pants > replace camo pants in Binco.

* Green camo cap > replace trucker cap in Binco.

* Gray camo cap > replace green cap in ProLaps.

* Denim shorts > replace ball shorts in ProLaps.

* Blue summer jeans > replace red jeans in Sub Urban.

* Blue cap with sea wave > replace blue cap in Sub Urban.


There are new weapons in Endless Summer mod.

* Hunter’s knife (replace knife) — search in the same place where in the game were knives.

* Hunter’s rifle (replace chrome gun) — search in Hunter’s House (riffle was added in Update 1).

* Stick (replace cane) — sticks can be found in the woods outside the Angel Pine.


In the mod Endless Summer on the beach from time to time will play music. You can replace those songs that you like.

In folder \audio\beach there are mp3-files of songs (in each there are two songs).
Simply replace these files by your songs in mp3 (it would be better, if you'll add «street effect» to the sound).

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